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Houston Alumni Chapter Meets at Ragin� Cajun Restaurant for Annual Crawfish Boil

Houston – May 2, 2015 – The Ragin Cajun restaurant – and owner Luke Mandola – was the host of the Houston UL Alumni Chapter’s annual crawfish boil on Saturday, May 2 from 11 am to 4 pm.  The very well-attended event was organized by Adam Pisani. Attendees from the university included, VP John Blohm, AD Scott Farmer, Alumni Director Liz Landry, ADD Gerald Hebert, and Coach "Hud." Since this is the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana, an exhibit on the event was set up and a talk made about the following book:

An international team of 55 historians and authors from four different nations produced the book Acadie, Then and Now: A People’s History, which is a collection of 65 essays – half written by UL graduates or professors – about the history and contemporary culture of the Acadian people who still live in places like Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Quebec, Maryland, Nova Scotia, Michigan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and France. The book was published in two languages (French and English) and profits have been donated to support dozens of Acadian museums in the U.S., France and Canada.  The book’s co-editors, Warren Perrin and Mary Broussard Perrin, both UL graduates in 1969, made a presentation on their book and made it available for purchase. Warren Perrin is the person who got the Queen of England to issue a Royal Proclamation in 2003 apologizing for the expulsion of the Acadians in the 18th century. Since the book was published last summer, the Perrins have appeared at dozens of venues across the U.S., Canada, and France. Copies of the book may be purchased from the Acadian Museum website acadianmuseun.comperrin@plddo.com or 337-233-5832


Mary Perrin, UL football Coach "Hud" and Warren Perrin


Gerald Hebert, Mike Patin and Warren Perrin

Story/photos submitted by Warren Perrin, May 3, 2015.