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Herb Schilling and George Fawcett Claim Shipley Reunion Signed Basketballs in AN Silent Auction

The partnership of Coach Beryl Shipley and the Athletic Network recently conducted a silent auction of two signed basketballs that were autographed by coaches and players who attended the Shipley Reunion in November 2001. 

The auction ended on January 15 and on January 17 the basketballs were presented to Herb Schilling and George Fawcett at Prejean’s Restaurant, one of the Athletic Network Sponsors.

Herb Schilling and George Fawcett flank Coach Beryl Shipley while holding their basketballs signed at the Shipley Reunion in November 2001.  

Donations for the auction will be placed in the Beryl Shipley Endowed Mended Heart Scholarship and the Paul D. Dugas Endowed Momorial Scholarship.  Information about the scholarships is avialable by contacting Ed Dugas at athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu

Silent Auction consumated at Prejean’s Restaurant: Bob Guilbeau, Prejean’s Restaurant; Herb Schilling, Winner; Coach Beryl Shipley, donor; George Fawcett, winner & Ed Dugas, Athletic Network  

Photos provided by John Dugas, Assistant Athletic Director at the university.

A special appreciation is extended to all who participated in the silent auction.  Thank You!