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Former Women’s Basketball: Perrot’s banner unveiled in emotional ceremony

Kevin Foote, The Advertiser, Jan. 18, 2015


During half-time of the South Alabama NCAA women’s basketball game at the Cajundome in Lafayette, La., Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015.(Photo: Paul Kieu, The Advertiser)

Loretta Perrot Hunter tried to prepare herself for the moment, but found out that there may not be a real good way to do so.

So when the moment finally came and she was standing on the court at the Cajundome with her mother Consuella, as well as numerous family members and friends, the emotions took over.

Needless to say, the tears were free-flowing all around during the halftime ceremony of the UL women’s 65-58 victory over South Alabama.

On the court was a special No. 12 retired framed jersey for the family. In the rafters at the Cajundome was a shining new banner that read ‘Kim Perrot – with the No. 12 Louisiana jersey – and 1986-90’.

“It was overwhelming,” Perrot Hunter said. “It wasn’t a relief as much as it was just truly a blessing.”

Saturday’s ceremony came after Friday night’s banquet where stories about Kim Perrot’s basketball career and life were exchanged among her family and friends at the Petroleum Club.

“This was the first big step,” Perrot Hunter said. “We want young ladies to see that banner and say, ‘I want to be like her or even better than her.’ ”

But as she further explained, youngsters don’t have “to be another Kim Perrot.” She just wants to do her part in using Perrot’s example to prevent youngsters from say “I wish I had” later in life.

During her career at UL, Perrot finished as the program’s all-time leading scorer with 2,157 points, as well as a total of 18 other school records.

“When you look at what Kim accomplished in her career and also the impact she had as a person, it’s very impressive,” UL athletic director Scott Farmer said.

“When (UL coach) Garry (Brodhead) and his coaching staff came to us with this (banner ceremony idea) last summer, it was a no-brainer. With the women playing almost all of their games now in the Cajundome, it was only natural to transfer that here.”

Al Karre’, one of the area’s biggest proponents for honoring Perrot’s career was thrilled to be in attendance to witness it on Saturday.

“If Lafayette Parish had a Mount Rushmore, there would be three athletes faces carved into the stone,” Karre’ said. “All three were born and raised in Lafayette Parish and all three won multiple world titles in major team sports.

“One would be Ron Guidry, another Kevin Faulk and the third would be Kim Perrot.”

On Saturday, Perrot became part of another group with her No. 12 banner now hanging in the Cajundome along with elite Cajun men stars Bo Lamar, Andrew Toney, Marvin Winkler, Dean Church and Jerry Flake.

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