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Former Football: Ragin’ Cajun Fans Happy To Be Tailgating

Ragin’ Cajun Fans Happy To Be Tailgating

By Phillip Boudreaux | pboudreaux@cajunfirst.com

Published 09/03 2016


For UL Ragin’ Cajun Football Fans, nothing is more exciting than to see their favorite back on the field.

Thousands of fans packed the parking lot around Cajun Field to tailgate the season opener against Boise St.

"The excitement, the fans. Tailgating really draws Lafayette together." said former Ragin’ Cajun Charlie Fox.

It’s a tradition that never gets old.

"We really look forward to coming out here and seeing our friends, backing the Cajuns and being a part of the whole program." said said former Ragin’ Cajun Jimmy Poche.

They both played on the football team in the 1970s and now tailgate every game with the Gridiron Alumni Chapter.

"Everyone in the nation claims they have the best tailgating but they’ve never been to UL tailgating." said Fox.

Fox says tailgating at UL is more like coming to a football festival which has definitely caught the attention of the opposing team’s fans.

"Tailgating is tailgating but here it’s a party." said Boise St. Fan Pat Smith.

However, the huge tailgating party didn’t happen overnight.

"35 years ago, I use to tailgate right here in a van by myself with a dinner and there was no around. Now, you look around for places to park." Fox recalled.

As much as tailgating has grown over the years, Fox hopes to one day see fans tailgating beyond Cajun Field and with a new generation of Cajuns like Sophomore John Allen it could happen.

"It’s my favorite season of the year, I’m waiting for it. It’s so much fun seeing my friends and out." said Allen.

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