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Football: UL Ragin’ Cajuns unveil new 2013 uniforms

UL Ragin Cajuns

UL Ragin Cajuns: The UL Ragin’ Cajuns unveiled its new football uniforms for the upcoming season that had the players ecstatic about the new look. Video by Eric Narcisse, The Advertiser.

UL wide receiver Billy Christian looks at one of the new helmet configurations as new uniforms are unveiled in the UL football locker room. Paul Kieu, The Advertiser

UL defensive end Chris Prater

Several of the new helmet configurations are displayed following a press conference. Paul Kieu, The Advertiser

Eric Narcisse, The Advertiser, July 26, 2013

UL head football coach Mark Hudspeth is always looking for unique and creative ways to fire up his Ragin’ Cajuns and apparently he’s determined nice uniforms is one of the best ways to accomplish that feat.

On Thursday, Hudspeth did just that as he unveiled to his players and members of the local media new uniforms and helmets that the Ragin’ Cajuns will sport this season.

“We’re always looking for ways to somewhat inspire our guys for war and a lot of hard work,” Hudspeth said. “Our guys this past year, since January have worked awfully hard in the classroom. (They’ve) worked awfully hard in the offseason in the weight room and (have done) just an unbelievable job in the community in the way they represent our university. Couldn’t be more proud of that.

“So many things going on in college football, for our guys to be doing the right things really excites me,” Hudspeth concluded.

Modeling the newest ensemble were junior linebacker Trae Johnson and sophomore defensive end Chris Prater, as the duo entered the locker room to a loud round of applause and cheers from their teammates.

Johnson entered the locker room in an all white uniform that featured red numbers, a red stripe and white helmet with a red and black stripe, while Prater, who entered the locker room first, sported a red jersey with white numbers and a white stripe on the shoulder along with black pants and a red helmet.

“This is just a way we can sort of reward those guys,” Hudspeth said. “It’s nothing like having sharp uniforms and I think that a couple of the looks you saw are very clean, but traditional, but different. So, we’re pretty excited about it.”

Although the uniforms are some what of a reward for hard work and doing the right things, Hudspeth stated it is something that is beneficial in the game that is recruiting as well.

“First of all, ways to motivate our guys,” Hudspeth said. “Ways to continue being outside of the box in recruiting with giving recruits something really special to see. But we are always trying to find a look that fits our team and we like to have a little fresh look for our fans to give them something new to see when they come to Cajun Field. But I also like a little bit of that uncertainty where I fans never know what to expect when they come to Cajun Field.”

Although he doesn’t mind changing with the times, Hudspeth stated he’s still a traditionalist in terms of uniforms.

“I’m still a very traditional type coach when it comes to uniforms,” Hudspeth said. “I don’t like some of the ones that are too way out there, but I like a little bit of change and a little bit of flash and I think that’s what these uniforms gives us.”

Follow assistant sports editor Eric Narcisse on Twitter @tdanarcisse.