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Football: Two-minute drill with UL’s Jason Chery

Joshua Parrott • jparrott@theadvertiser.com • August 6, 2008

In recruiting, sometimes timing means everything.

Jason Chery, a senior wide receiver at UL, knows that fact for sure. He came this close to playing football at Oklahoma State before Les Miles left for LSU.

Chery talked with The Daily Advertiser about how he ended up with the Ragin’ Cajuns, why he loves playing on special teams and his plans for life after football.

Question: How excited are you to finally be back out on the field?

Answer: I’ve been waiting since the season ended. I worked my butt off coming in here at night and getting extra work in. I’ve been going to sleep dreaming about when practice was going to start.

Q: The Cajuns have established themselves as one of the nation’s top running teams over the past few years, but this season there will be an increased emphasis on throwing the ball downfield. How excited are you about the proposed changes on offense?

A: I’m really happy. Now we’re going to be balanced out, but at the same time we’re still going to run the ball.

Q: Last season you led the team with 36 catches and finished second with 442 receiving yards. What did you work on improving the most during the offseason?

A: I focused on catching the ball more. I can catch balls. It’s just the lack of focus. You’ve got to focus it in. I caught 300 balls every other day this summer. My hands are really good now.

Q: Few wide receivers lack confidence in their own abilities. How would you describe your personality and approach on the field?

A: I’m very stingy and selfish. I want the ball every time, but I’m always going to block for my running back. If the ball comes my way, it’s me and the ball. I’m going to get the ball.

Q: In addition to playing wide receiver, you also see time on special teams. In fact, you made 15 tackles and were named the Sun Belt’s Special Teams Player of the Week after the South Carolina game. Why do you embrace the idea of playing on special teams?

A: I like special teams because it’s the one part of the game that I can release everything. I can let it all out. It’s fun to show that I can hit and see my team going crazy. That’s a momentum-builder.

Q: What is the main team and individual goal you hope to accomplish this season?

A: The team goal is to always win conference. But we’re not thinking ahead. My personal goal is to maximize what I did last year and do a little more this year.

Q: What has been your favorite moment as a football player with the Cajuns?

A: After any win everybody is so excited. You see all the hard work pay off. Winning is the best moment.

Q: Before coming to UL, you combined for more than 3,000 rushing yards as a junior and senior at Spanish River High in Delray Beach, Fla. How did you end up playing wide receiver at UL?

A: I didn’t have the SATs when I graduated in 2004, so I sat out and worked at the Cris Carter Camp. Through the whole summer it got to the point that I got my SAT score and was on my way to Oklahoma State. Two days later, Les Miles left for LSU. I needed to go somewhere, and my godfather found (UL running backs) coach (Brian) Jenkins. As soon as he saw my highlight tape he got me here. (Tyrell) Fenroy and Deon Wallace were also at running back, so they put me at receiver because I was taller and faster than them.

Q: Most athletes pattern their game after their favorite players. Which players do you admire?

A: As a youngster I admired Michael Irvin. As soon as I got to college I focused on two guys: Chad Johnson and Steve Smith.

Q: At some point you will have to hang up your cleats. What are your hopes and dreams for after football?

A: When I’m done playing I plan to do real estate. Buying properties, selling properties, renting properties. Basically keeping the cash flow.