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Football: Proud to be a Ragin’ Cajun

Louisiana, The Advertiser, September 29, 2014



(Photo: Leslie Westbrook/The Advertiser)



We went to the Ole Miss game a few weeks ago with another couple, and I could not be prouder to be a Ragin’ Cajun.We drove up on the Friday, wearing our Cajun attire and stopped at a random Whataburger in Jackson, Mississippi, for a late lunch.

A young man in his late 20s walked up to our table and proceeded to tell us how nice the people were when he was here for the Super Regional. We chatted for about three minutes and, after wishing us luck, he moved on.

That night, as we were walking into a Tunica casino, we were stopped by a man, about our age, who once again told us how nice the people were when he came down for the Super Regional. He went on to tell us that four Cajuns he became friends with were going to be joining his group in the "Grove" for Saturday’s game. He then went on to invite us, too, and gave us directions to their tent. Which is no small task if you have never been to the "Grove." Probably to his surprise, we took him up on the offer and showed up Saturday.

We could not have been more warmly received by him and the other 11 people who share the tent. They opened up their arms and freely shared everything. Good food, stories and jokes but best of all was a place to sit.

Our good fortune that weekend had nothing to do with anything we had done. It had everything to do with what you had done and we cannot thank you enough. I think all of us need to remind ourselves, when we put on "our school colors" we represent our University. You sure made me proud to be a Ragin’ Cajun that weekend.

Marty Medlin