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Football: Gridiron Alumni Club Annual Spring Fundraiser-March 14th & 15th

Gridiron Alumni Members, Happy New Year to All;

Another year has passed and we are halfway through January, but time never sits still, our annual spring fundraiser is around the corner and wanted to send out some details so you can start making plans to attend.

The dates are Friday, March 14th and Saturday, March 15th., documents attached

We plan to have a very successful fundraiser this year, our sixth, but can’t do it without your support, so please make your plans, get your registration in, and let’s all come together in support of the 2008 Ragin’ Cajun Football team.

**Our mission is simple, reach out & assemble together all alumni, from every era, combine resources to benefit "our" football program in any way.**

We will again have our golf tournament, four man scramble, Friday morning, followed up by a crawfish boil that evening at a venue TBD later.
Saturday is the annual spring game and we’ll feed the team and coaches after.

This years golf scramble will be special as we are honoring William "Blackjack" Landry, who was a devoted manager for over 30 years, and a friend to all,  by naming the tournament in his name, The Bill "Blackjack" Landry Memorial Golf Scramble., so get your team together and let’s share some great BJ stories!
Please read Marty Cannon’s own personal story, attached.

 Any questions, please email or call me. If you would like to get more involved in the GAC, or just volunteer to help, let me know as well.

Peter Batton


(303)-482-6235 cell
Go Cajuns 

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January 7, 2008

We all have a Blackjack story. 

My story occurred on a cold, wet and dreary practice in 1996 during offensive team sessions against the scout team.  We were preparing for some opponent and Bill “Blackjack” Landry stood vigil over the practice ball. He was taking it from the receiver or running back after every play, wiping it down, rolling it in his dry towel and then tucking it into his rain coat.  Then he would hand the ball over to our center, Ben Archer, as carefully as he could so we would have a ball that Jake Delhomme could throw and hand off.  He did this for nearly an hour.

I was wishing I was anywhere else that was warm and dry. Yet there was BJ, a 34 year veteran equipment manager and legend in the field house doing all he could in the worst conditions so we would have a good ball to throw.   At that moment, I knew that Bill was Ragin Cajun football.  He could have easily said “not today guys” in his wonderful drawl and no one would have faulted him.  He didn’t do that.  He never did that.  He was always out there with us, a silent and humble piece of a larger puzzle and all he wanted for us was the best.  And he gave his best for us.

If you donned the Vermilion and White anytime between 1963 and 1998, your life was somehow touched by the man we all called Blackjack.  This year, the Gridiron Alumni Club is proud to honor his memory by naming our spring fundraiser the Bill “Blackjack” Landry Memorial Golf Scramble. 

The Gridiron Alumni Club is committed to supporting the Ragin Cajun football team and being the foundation for the players who now carry the torch in the 21st Century.  Money we raise is used to cook for the entire team twice a year, purchase football equipment that will better the team, host formal tailgates during the football season and provide awards and senior gifts at the annual football banquet.  This is your chance to make a small contribution and reconnect with your old teammates

The golf scramble will be on March 14, 2008 at Acadian Hills Country Club in Lafayette.  Food will be provided and there will be a social Friday evening.  We will gather once more at the Red-White Spring Game on Saturday where the GAC will also cook for the Cajun football team.

The GAC is a non-profit organization that needs your support so we can fulfill our mission.  For more information on how to sign up or help sponsor this event, please contact Peter Batton at 303-482-6235 or Marty Cannon at 337-856-3665.  We look forward to your participation in this great event.  Come help us build a winner and remember, “Tradition Starts with US!”

Submitted by Marty Cannon.

Athletic Network Footnote: The Athletic Network was dedicated to Blackjack Landry and Dutch Reinhardt.  If one clicks on www.athleticnetwork.net  then Site Dedication (lower left), they may view the "Blackjack" Living Memorial and also submit their story.  You are encourage to participate in this wonderful way to document his memory.

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The Gridiron Alumni Club Presents
The Bill “Blackjack” Landry Memorial Golf Scramble
In support of the Ragin Cajun Football Program!
March 14, 2008 – Acadian Hills Country Club

The Gridiron Alumni Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Ragin Cajun football program.  With the funds we raise, we cook two major meals for the entire football team, purchase football equipment as needed, give senior gifts at the annual banquet and host formal tailgates during the football season.  This past season we had nearly 60 years of football alumni represented at Calcagno Pavilion during Homecoming Weekend.  We are making great strides and with your help, we can do even more.

Sponsorship Possibilities

We could use help in this arena to cut down on our operating costs so we can maximize our fund raising effort.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping in the following areas: Hole sponsors, tee box sponsors, lunch, drinks on the course, snacks, Friday night social, Saturday barbeque for the team.

The Scramble

4-man scramble.  Prizes awarded to the winning team, for closest to the hole and longest drive.  Food and beverages provided.

Individual Registration (we will team you up with other players)                                              $135
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone:  ___________________________________________
Email:  ___________________________________________
Shirt size (please circle):   S    M    L   XL   XXL   XXXL 
Mulligans – $10 each (2 maximum)                                                                                     ________
Friday night social special (only for participants in the golf scramble) – $50                             ________
    Total: ________


Team Registration                                                                                                                              $540
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone:  ___________________________________________
Email:  ___________________________________________
Shirt size (please circle):   S    M    L   XL   XXL   XXXL 
Player 2:
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone:  ___________________________________________
Email:  ___________________________________________
Shirt size (please circle):   S    M    L   XL   XXL   XXXL 
Player 3:
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone:  ___________________________________________
Email:  ___________________________________________
Shirt size (please circle):   S    M    L   XL   XXL   XXXL 
Player 4:
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone:  ___________________________________________
Email:  ___________________________________________
Shirt size (please circle):   S    M    L   XL   XXL   XXXL 
Team Mulligans: $10 (2 maximum per player)                                                                  ______
Friday night social special (only for participants in the golf scramble) – $50/player ______
Total: ________
Red-White Weekend

Following the scramble, the GAC will host a reunion party Friday night for everyone that comes to town.  On Saturday, we will meet up again and all watch the 2008 Ragin Cajun football team complete their spring football practices with the Red-White game.  Come relive old memories and then stay after the game to meet the players and show them a unified football alumni that is behind them 100%.

Friday Night Social
If you are unable to attend the scramble, but would like to attend the Friday night social, we ask for a donation of $50 per person which will get you and a guest entrance and food and drinks that we will have there. 

I am unable to attend the reunion weekend, but would like to make a donation to the Gridiron Alumni Club with the following amount ____________

Contact info:

Please make checks payable to the Gridiron Alumni Club.

303 Lighthouse Pointe Cr.

Youngsville, LA 70592

Peter Batton – 303-482-6235


Marty Cannon – 337-856-3665


Bill “Blackjack” Landry
July 31, 1943 – August 16, 1998
Ragin’ Cajun Equipment Manager: 1963-1998

photo courtesy of www.athleticnetwork.net


Bugs and Buds
Crawfish Boil
March 14, 2008
The Gridiron Alumni Club welcomes all Ragin Cajun/Bulldog football alumni to reunite over some cold beverages and hot crawfish.  This is in conjunction with our spring fundraiser weekend which includes the Bill “Blackjack” Landry Memorial Golf Scramble and the Red-White spring game at Cajun Field on Saturday, March 15.  Please contact us if you have not received any information about those events and would like to participate in them.
7:00 PM Kickoff
Location TBD
$50 per person
Drinks and food provided
Bring your own old war stories
Pre-registration is required
Name: _________________________________________
Number in your party: __________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
Phone #: _______________________________________
Please make checks payable to the Gridiron Alumni Club and mail to 303 Lighthouse Pointe Cr., Youngsville, LA 70592
Please try to bring an old teammate with you.  If you are unaware of what the GAC has done in recent years with reuniting past players, come check us out and get connected.  For more information, contact Peter Batton at 303-482-6235 or Marty Cannon at 337-856-3665.