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Fan spotlight: Lowry family has cheered on the Cajuns through good times and bad – video included

Megan Wyatt, Daily Advertiser, Dec. 18, 2013

From left: Betty Lowry and her daughters Claire Lowry and MaryBeth Lowry have been Ragin' Cajuns fans for decades. The Lowry family is excited to attend the Cajuns' third bowl game Saturday.

From left: Betty Lowry and her daughters Claire Lowry and MaryBeth Lowry have been Ragin’ Cajuns fans for decades. The Lowry family is excited to attend the Cajuns’ third bowl game Saturday. / Megan Wyatt, The Advertiser

Athletic Network Footnote: Click here for video of interview with Lowry Family.

It’s easy to understand why Lowry’s Printing and Copying places year after year in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Paint the Town Red competition.

After all, the family behind the company cannot contain their Ragin’ red spirit to a single day.

“Yeah, Rouge! Yeah, Blanc! Yeah, Cajuns! Allons!” shouts little Betty Lowry, who once sang this exact chant with “Cajuns” replaced by “Bulldogs” during her time at UL, then Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Betty Lowry graduated from UL in 1954, the valedictorian of her chemistry class.

Then, as a member of the pep squad, she cheered along the UL football player who would one day become her husband, Bill “Peanut” Lowry. Although Peanut has since passed away, his Ragin’ Cajun spirit lives on in his family.

“We were a lot crazier when my dad was around,” said MaryBeth Lowry. “He was the head cheerleader and the rallier.”

Still, Lowry’s Printing and Copying is filled with signed footballs, player posters, cheer cards, paintings and more.

The Lowry crew has always supported the Cajuns, in winning and losing seasons.

“We had season tickets every year. We were faithful,” Betty Lowry said “But there was no tailgating parties and no community camaraderie.”

For Claire Lowry, the best Cajuns moment ever was kicker Brett Baer’s game-changing field goal at the 2011 R ? L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

“How could you watch the replay of that and not tear up a little bit?” Claire Lowry said “It’s so awesome.”

The Lowry crew will be in New Orleans on Saturday to cheer the Cajuns on to what they hope will be a third-straight bowl victory.

They all, of course, will be decked out in red — some wearing red dresses with fringe with red cowboy boots, others wearing red hats and Mardi Gras beads.

MaryBeth Lowry feels proud to say she is from Louisiana, especially in recent years with the Saints winning the Super Bowl and the Cajuns winning two bowl games in a row.

It’s a really nice feeling to know that you’re from Louisiana,” MaryBeth Lowry said “When you travel around, people connect to you.”

Athletic Network Footnote: The AN is proud to have Lowry’s Printing and Signs as sponsors. They have cooperated with the AN in producing many reunion programs and materials for special events. Their highly ethical professional service is matched by their deep loyalty for the university.