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Elijah Millsap: Student Athlete Showcase on RaginCajuns.com

Elijah Millsap
Courtesy: RaginCajuns.com           Release: 10/06/2007
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Louisiana men’s basketball player Elijah Millsap, a native of Grambling, enters his sophomore season with the Ragin’ Cajuns in 2007-08. As a freshman last season, he took the Sun Belt Conference by storm, earning the league’s Freshman of the Year honor. Millsap averaged 12.4 points and 7.3 rebounds per game for the Cajuns in 2006-07.


What personal goals have you set for yourself heading into this season? I want to get as many assists as I can to make my team better. We are surrounded by a lot of young talent and I want to get them more involved in the game as much as I can.


What’s it like being on a team with 13 players from your home state of Louisiana? Knowing that all these guys come from Louisiana gives us a solid chemistry because we all have similar backgrounds. I have seen most of these guys play basketball in high school so I know what they are capable of doing.


What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I am an outspoken person, but I don’t show it vocally. I show it by my actions on the court because when I am on the court, I let my emotions speak for me.


What is it like growing up in a basketball family? It has made me a better overall basketball player. I have seen a lot of basketball, so it has made me a much smarter player not just playing the game, but also knowing the game.


Years I have been playing basketball: since the seventh grade


What made me want to play basketball? I was raised in Colorado where football is popular. When I came to Louisiana, the first high school I attended didn’t have football because it was a small school. So, I watched my oldest brother John play basketball and he was a really good player so I got with the program.


My favorite place to play basketball last season: I heard a lot about Western Kentucky’s E.A. Diddle Arena. The atmosphere was great and it is one of the top arenas in the Sun Belt Conference.


My most memorable moment as a freshman: was when we went on a win streak towards the end of the season. We are start playing great basketball and things were finally falling into place for us.


My favorite professional basketball player is: my brother Paul (who plays for the NBA’s Utah Jazz)


My favorite sports figure: Kobe Bryant


Major and why I chose it: Business Management because I want to own my business after I finish playing basketball


My role model and why: My mother is my role model because she raised all four of us by herself. She is a strong lady for doing that and we try the best to give back to her.


My favorite pre-game meal: chicken tenders


If I didn’t play basketball, I would: probably be playing football as a wide receiver.


My advice to young basketball players is: to go out and get what you want. You can talk about the things you want, but they don’t mean anything unless you do something to get there.


The best thing about the University is: the fan base. They come out and support us every game.


Why did you choose to play basketball at UL: I heard about the city of Lafayette and I have a very supportive uncle who lives here. Plus, Coach Lee is a great coach.


Best advance you ever received: Never give up.


My favorite moment in sports history: My favorite moment was when I was playing in the Top 28 Tournament at the Cajundome in my senior year of high school.


My favorite place at UL: Student Union.


Why did I choose #3? Number 24 was retired (Andrew Toney), so I decided to take the number 3. A lot of great players wear the number 3 – Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Elijah Millsap.