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Dudley Wilkins – Spotlight on Former Athlete

Dudley Wilkins – Spotlight on Former Athlete


The 2008 Summer Olympics begin this month in Beijing, China.  Thus, the Spotlight on Former Athlete will be on Dudley Wilkins, the university’s first Olympic team member.  Please click here and be taken to Dudley Wilkins’ profile http://www.athleticnetwork.net/site.php?pageID=55&profID=10352

Click on the "Spotlight on Former Athlete" banner on the right side of the Athletic Network News Box and be taken to the profile of Dudley Wilkins, S Club Athletic Hall of Fame member and member of the United States Track and Field Team who participated in the 1936 Summer Olympic games in Berlin in August, 1936.  His recollections to Bruce Brown in Prides of Acadiana on the Berlin experience are quiet interesting.


Dudley Wilkins was not enrolled at the university in 1936, but was still pictured in the 1936 L’Acadien.  Click here to view the narrative which accompanied his picture  http://www.athleticnetwork.net/picpopup.php?piclibID=7280

Pictured above in Wilkins in the 1935 L’Acadian where he was proclaimed one of the best athletes ever turned out by S.L.I.  In this report Wilkins was prominently mentioned with the likes of Chris Cagle (earlier Spotlight on Former Athlete) and Johnny Morris, internally known hurdles star. Click here for this report http://www.athleticnetwork.net/picpopup.php?piclibID=7278

Bruce Brown has graciously allowed the Athletic Network to reprint the chapter on Dudley Wilkins in his 1980 book entitled "Prides of Acadiana."  This chapter is placed in its entirety in Wilkin’s profile.

The Athletic Network is honored to place the Spotlight on Former Athlete on Dudley Wilkins. 

Note:  The Photo Gallery (left side of home page) at http://www.athleticnetwork.net  contains over 7,500 pictures of former and current athletes and support groups. Just point and click to view teams by years.  One click on the thumbnail picture and it is enlarged; a click on the enlarged photo and you are back to the thumbnail.

The AN seeks to add pictures of each team for each year they represented the university.

The stories of the 2007 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete" have been placed in the Lagniappe link of the "History of UL Athletics" and also added to their profiles. 

The 2008 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete" include:
January – Alvin Dark Football, ’43; Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Track, ’44; Coaches, 1947.
February – Alyson Habetz Women’s Basketball 1991-95 and Softball, 1991-94.
March – Ron Guidry Baseball 1968-70.
April – Edgar "Glynn" Abel Baseball 1939, Track & Field 1937-39, Football 1937-39.
May -Christian Keener "Red" Cagle Baseball 1925-26, Basketball (M) 1922-26, Football 1922-25. 
June – Paul "Buddy" Short Golf 1962-65.
July – Louis "Louie" Campbell  Boxing and Football, 1940-41.
August – Dudley Wilkins Track & Field, 1933-35.

Ed Dugas, Coordinator
Athletic Network