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Danny “Mr.C.” Cottonham Door of Cards Request

This is your old Academic Counselor and yes I want you all to know that the rumors about my death were greatly exaggerated.  Actually, I am doing terrific and I am still working with student athletes serving as the Director of the Student Athlete Academic Center (that just means I’m not the only one in the office now).  But the reason I writing is because I wanted to take advantage of this fabulous network that you all have developed over the last few years to get a message out to everyone. 

Wait just a minute I am not getting ready to ask for money.  You all know that I have been here for a little while now and if you can recall when you were here depending on where my office was located at the time, I had this “Wall of Fame” which consisted of photos of most of our alums who were blessed and fortunate to play at the next level.  I am so proud of that group, but I like to tell recruits and parents when they come to my office on recruiting visits, that my real joy and my true blessing is having had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding young men and women who benefited from there experience here and have been able to do like most people; aspire to have a good life, raise a family and contribute in some positive way to society. 

I recently started collecting business cards from my former student athletes and placing them on the door to my office.  I then tell those recruits that I can’t guarantee you that you will be on my Hall of Fame but I tell them that If they come to U L and work hard on the field and in the classroom; I promise to put their card on my wall or door with the other outstanding professional who have crossed my path.  With that being said, I need all of you to mail to me your business cards.  Write on the back of the card the years that you were here.  Now everyone can be on Mr. C’s wall.  Mail to:             

                                        Danny K. Cottonham 
Director of S.A.A.C
P.O. Box 42567
 Lafayette, LA 70504-2567

Thanks to Dr. Dugas and John for this wonderful network and hopefully I will be hearing from most of you real soon!!! Geaux Cajuns, Danny “Mr. C” Cottonham