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Baseball: ‘Turn Back the Clock’ night reaps numerous highlights

Uniform auction produces total of $24,200

UL’s baseball team "turned back the clock" Tuesday night, and they also turned the turnstiles at Moore Field.

A crowd of 2,819 – one that included standing-room-only tickets – came out for the festivities surrounding the Ragin’ Cajuns’ 8-2 win over Southeastern La. A total of 3,828 tickets were sold on the season’s final ticket redemption night.

That crowd was treated to activities from start to finish, with miniature bat and seat cushion giveaways at the front gate. Reduced concession prices were also featured, and a record $1,092 was given away in UL’s regular "50-50" raffle.

Nostalgia and an homage to old-time baseball was provided by the barbershop quartet Louisiana Purchase, and a large "Mudville" sweatshirt displayed prominently behind home plate.

The crowd favorite, though, was a return to UL’s not-too-distant past, with an encore appearance by the Fabulous Cajun Chicken. His antics on the field between innings – Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Grim Reaper impressions and skits involving the umpires – and in the stands during play provided a look back at the decade and a half that the Chicken roamed Cajun athletic sidelines.

"All of that helps us create a great atmosphere," said Cajun coach Tony Robichaux. "That’s our goal, to provide our fans with this kind of experience, and a lot of people were a part of it."

The UL squad wore the baggy red-and-white throwback uniforms with a big red "S" on the chest, with the jerseys auctioned after the game to fans who shelled out a total of $24,200 in bids.

Matt Hicks, whose three-run homer in the first inning helped the Cajuns take an early 5-0 lead, watched his jersey go for $1,800 – the same as Robichaux’s. But the coach had to throw in his hat, his pants and his socks to get the bidding that high.

"Tonight was special here," said Hicks, a native of Houston. "Sold out, a lot of people cheering … this atmosphere was the reason I came here. Our guys feed off the crowd and it helps us a lot."


Brent Solich, sporting the old-time uniform, improved to 3-0 on the hill.
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