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Athletic Network: Postings of L’Acadien photos – 1940-49 completed – Verm,L’Acadien,Military,Faculty

In addition to more postings of teams and support groups, follow-up postings of photos from the L’Acadien  and Vermilion staffs for the 1940-49 period has been posted.  This completes the postings of photos of the  L’Acadien and Vermilion staffs from 1940- 2015. Please contact us if you have access to any of the years which are missing.  

In addition to the photos of the Vermilion and L’Acadien staffs, some photos of the faculty by college, along with university and athletic facilities have been posted.

To view the recent postings in the Photo Gallery, click Photo Gallery, your choice in the menu, the year you wish to view.

One click on a photo enlarges it and a click on the enlarged photo restores it to a thumbnail.

In addition to posting photos for attributes which were not included when the original postings were done, additional photos have also been posted for some attributes which had already been included. Please click the Military Page in the Photo Gallery to view three years of the V-12 program during World War II.

Please request members of the L’Acadien and Vermiliion staffs to email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu so their profile may be updated. Thank you.

Peace, Ed Dugas