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Athletic Network: Photos from 2012-13 L’Acadien Posted in Teams & Support Groups Photo Galleries

To view the photos and information posted from the 2012-13 L’Acadien, please click on www.athleticnetwork.net , Photo Gallery, Area of Interest, and either the 2012 or 2013 year.

For example, the Cross Country, Football, Soccer and Volleyball photos from that yearbook are posted in the 2012 photo gallery for each sport;
whereas, the photos for Baseball, Basketball (M & W), Golf, Softball, Tennis (M & W), Track & Field are posted in the 2013 photo gallery for each sport.

Photos of support groups such as Cheerleaders, Ragin’ Jazz, etc., are found in the 2013 photo gallery for each support group.

Yes, the L’Acadien, Vermilion, and Current/Former Faculty/Staff are included as support groups by the AN.

A special thanks is extended to Ethan Duhon, AN student assistant, for posting the photos.

Peace, Ed Dugas