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Athletic Network: Note of Appreciation to University Council & Landry and Reinhardt Families

Email 12/16/2003

Thank you again for allowing us to inform the University Council about the exciting things happening with the Athletic Network. The interaction and interest shown by council members is appreciated. Mike and I graciously accept Dr. Landry’s idea about making a presentation to our retired employees.

Hopefully, this could lead to current and former faculty from each unit at the university experiencing the fruits of an "Academic Network." It really is not work…enjoyable effort is the more operative terms – and the benefits to all are immeasurable. The long range implications…priceless.

The Athletic Network is so fortunate to have someone like Mike Spears to serve as our host and our guiding light. All we do goes through his door and nothing we do is done without the direction and assistance of Firefly Digital.

When Dr. Authement inquired about the Site Dedication ceremony at 5:00 on Wednesday, I neglected to include the information on the families of the two honorees. I have received positive RSVPs from six of Blackjack’s siblings and from both Reinhardt sons (and their families).

The event starts in the Board Room of the Alumni Center at 5:00 and should end around 5:30 when refreshments will be available.

 Peace, Ed Dugas