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Athletic Network: Note of Appreciation – Athletic Network Meetings of June 12, 2003

The Athletic Network staff would like to thank the 70�  network captains; UL coaches; Alumni, Development, Foundation, and Advancement Staffs; S Club Hall of Fame Members; Sponsors; and others who participated in the three meetings held Thursday, June 12 at the Alumni Center. Special acknowledgements are extended to John Claude Arceneaux, Alumni; Liz Landry, Advancement; John Dugas, Athletic Network; and Gerald Hebert, Athletic Development for their special assistance in today’s meetings.

Sacrifices, such as Charles English driving from Lake Charles, Jimmy Dykes from New Orleans, and Hollis Conway from Monroe are appreciated.

Mr. J. B. Richard and Eddie Louviere cooked their famous jambalaya. Mr. and Mrs. Richard were introduced and acknowledged by the attendees at the 11:30 meeting for the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary.

Good food, excellent company, nice setting and admirable goals made for successful meetings. Remember "The Little Story" – knowing each of you can make a difference because you are all Top 5% people and are appreciated.

Peace, Ed Dugas