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Athletic Network Flash Program Changed

Flash Program Changed

The Flash Program (above the AN News Box) highlights some of our athletic history over the past century.

Some of the pictures in the new Flash Program include Golf great Jay Hebert and his 1942 teammates;
(Dr. Sweeney Smith, a teammate, was one of the first to post his profile)
Some former coaches: (Evans, Basketball;Lancon, Track; Didier, Baseball; Stokley,Football)
Former U.S. Senator John Breaux and his tennis teammates;
The 1939 Baseball Team which started Baseball again – after being discontinued in 1926;
Carla Culotta-Smith leading the cheerleaders;
Jim Doyle and the outstanding 1970 Football Team;
Yvette Girouard and her Volleyball teammates;
Sherry LeBas and the 1969 Sweethearts; and many more from our past.

Please note that each photo in the Flash Program is located in the photo gallery and many of them contain captions. 

Please continue to direct and encourage those teammates without profiles on the Athletic Network to go on line and submit their profile. 
Click on the ALL SPORTS SCHEDULE banner on the right of the AN News and view the composite schedule for our Ragin’ Cajuns Teams. 

Your support of the Ragin’ Cajuns is appreciated.  Season Greetings and Merry Christmas
Remember:  He is the reason for the season.