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Yvette Nicole Weber Broussard -Vocal Music Education, 1992

Yvette Nicole Weber Broussard

Vocal Music Education

Graduated:  1992

            I began my college education during the summer of 1988, a few weeks after I graduated from high school.  My parents really encouraged me to enroll during the summer semester so I could better prepare myself for college life. I remember being so overwhelmed with the size of the campus and, of course, my 8:00 AM class was in the furthest building from my parking space!  Each day I became more comfortable with my surroundings;  by the time the fall semester began, I knew my way around USL.

As a music major, I spent many hours in Angelle Hall with many other budding musicians.  I remember spending hours upstairs in the practice rooms.  I almost looked forward to my classes in other buildings because the walls of Angelle Hall became a little too familiar.  One of my favorite classes outside of Angelle Hall was a Communications course with Mr. Cliff Aucoin.  He was the most entertaining teacher I’d ever had!  I looked forward to his class because he had a way of making us learn and laugh at the same time. I remember hoping that one day my future students would look forward to attending my class the way I looked forward to his.

I met my future husband in Angelle Hall. Although a Political Science Major (graduated 1991), Steven Paul Broussard and I had our music in common.  He was a drummer in the USL Drum Line.  So he and I took turns attending each other’s performances.  I always enjoyed the USL percussion ensemble recitals.  They were most entertaining!   Steven and I would enjoy an occasional snack at Groucho’s in the Union or a picnic at Girard Park. We tried to schedule as many classes together as we could.  We enjoyed going to the football games at Cajun Field and the parties that followed.

I had many memorable teachers at USL, but two had a huge impact on my life.  Mrs. Margaret Daniel was my voice instructor all four years.  She literally taught me how to sing.  She had such a beautiful gift and I was so glad that I had an opportunity to study with her. Dr. James Haygood was my advisor and choral director all four years.  He taught me everything about being a good choral director.  He was a wonderful conductor and a fine musician.  I was so thankful that I had the opportunity to study his techniques.

I graduated from USL in the spring of 1992 in Blackham Coliseum.  I was honored when asked to sing the National Anthem for the ceremony.  I was the only Vocal Music Education Major graduating that day.

I am currently teaching Chorus at Carencro Middle School in Lafayette Parish. I have been teaching there for six years.  With each new year, my program grows by leaps and bounds.  I work for Mr. William Butcher, our kind-hearted principal who cares about Music Education in our school.  I owe much of our success to him.  I strive to incorporate each day in my classroom what Mrs. Daniel and Dr. Haygood taught me, and I try to make my class entertaining just as Mr. Aucoin did.

Steven and I have a son, Christopher Weber Broussard ,who is two years old. Of course, he is very musically inclined!  We look forward to the day when we can attend his USL graduation and be a family of Ragin’ Cajun alumni!


Yvette Nicole Weber Broussard