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William F. Stevenson – Health and Physical Education, 1939

William F. Stevenson

S.L.I. – 1939

                I was born and raised in Bastrop, LA, and during my college days I was recruited to play football for S.L.I. by George Mitchell, the line coach.  While attending classes, Margaret McMillan (at my request) introduced me to her beautiful sorority sister, Rita Motty.  After graduating in 1939, I took a coaching/teaching position at Slidell High School.  Rita and I were married when she graduated from S.L.I. in 1940.  I was hired in 1944 by Robert L. Browne, Physical Education Department Head at S.L.I., to teach along with J.C. “Dutch” Reinhardt and Elvin Brand.  VJ Edney, Dr. Fred “Bo” Brown, and Dave Fisher were hired later, in the early and late 50’s.  Jeff Hennessy, Lou Bowers, Fred Nelson, Jim Kennison, Clyde Wolf, Al Simon and Ed Dugas were hired in the 60’s.

                My fondest memories at S.L.I. were meeting and courting my beautiful wife and being a winning coach in intercollegiate tennis competition.  I also enjoyed my experiences as a football official and the fantastic fishing that is available in this area.

                Rita and I have two beautiful children, Bill and Ellen, who have given us grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I retired from U.S.L. in 1975 and feel that U.S.L. and Lafayette were the best places to teach and live in all of Louisiana.