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Terry Roy and Geraldine Trahan Roy – Music Education, 1957 & M. Ed., 1961; Music Education, 1954

Terry R. and Geraldine Trahan Roy

1957 & 61 and 1954

Hi fellow alumni!

                Memories flood our brains as we approach USL G 1998!  We, Terry and Geraldine, met at Burke Hall on the SLI campus and had common interests–we were both music majors.  We married in 1955.

                Our memories recall George Barth conducting the SLI orchestra; Willis Ducrest–head of the Music Department and director of the college chorus; James Hanna–theory, composition, and form and analysis professor; Nolan Sahuc–teaching conducting and being Band Director; and Robert Gilmore–leading the band with such gusto!  We remember Keith Hester, who was patient in clarinet lessons; and the wonderful Eva Marie Mouton–the greatest piano teacher ever.  Who can forget Mrs. Mount–the prim and proper lady who patrolled the halls, especially the practice rooms to see if we were really practicing.

                Saturday nights were busy with football halftime shows at the games.  Several times during our SLI years, we visited Carville to sing for the patients; took band tours around the state to recruit new students; had weekly outdoor concerts near Girard Hall during summer school.  We also remember the annual Camelia Pageant.  Most of all, we remember fondly all the good friends we made there.

                We have three children who are all USL graduates as well as two sons-in-law.  Our son is now an instructor at USL in the School of Music; so you see, we remain loyal to USL!!!

                Thanks for the memories, USL!

Terry R. and Geraldine Trahan Roy

(’57)                       (’54)