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Robert “Bob” Adamson – Health & Physical Education, 1959

Robert “Bob” Adamson

Health & Physical Education – 1959

“Fight on Bulldogs, Fight on to victory for the red and white” a song every freshman had to know at SLI in 1954.  Male students first lost their hair and had to wear a red beanie until the hair grew back.  Life, in particular college life, was much simpler then.  The whole campus had less than 3000 students something like a big high school.

 My fondest memories begin with a wonderful housemother Mom Peterson in Dorm C.  She was everyone’s mom away from home.  Upon her retirement 15 years later, about 30 of us gave her a retirement party at Jacob’s Restaurant.  When we brought her back to the dorm she dropped dead at her door.  She was so happy her “boys” had honored her.  We know she died a happy woman.

I was also fortunate to meet my future wife, Buttons Veazey from Pecan Island.  Imagine a Redneck from Pineville and a Cajun from Pecan Island attempting to bring those two cultures together well something worked as that was 43 years ago and we’re still Buttons and Beau as everybody called us.  My three roommates became life-long friends Jim Rogers in Nederland, Texas; Leon Fontenelle in Pointe-a-la-Hache, LA; and Milton Songy in Riva, Maryland.  We have all visited each other, know the families and constantly keep in touch.

Many of us celebrated our first Mardi Gras in downtown Lafayette.  Everybody met and danced at Voorhies Roof Garden.  Coffee and cokes came from Hicks Cafe next to the library.  The Pat movie theater had a sign which said “Bus in Front”, and nobody left til the sign lit up.

All of my educational foundation was given to me at SLI.  The experiences within the College of Education prepared me for my coaching and administrative careers.  Now that I am retired, fond memories will always remain “Fight on Bulldogs, Fight on to victory.”

Robert “Bob” Adamson