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Louis Frederick Gaudet, Jr. – Health and Physical Education, 1951

Louis Frederick Gaudet, Jr.

May 1951 – B.S., Health and Physical Education

I, Louis Frederick Gaudet, Jr., in May 1951, received a B.S. degree in Education with a major in Physical Education from S.L.I.

I entered S.L.I. in the fall semester after graduating from Istrouma High School in June 1947.  I participated in football four years and was named to the All Gulf States Conference 1st team at the end of 1948, and 2nd team All Conference in 1949-1950.

During my tenure at S.L.I., Dr. Joel Lafayette Fletcher was President.  Dean Joseph A. Riehl was Dean of Admissions.  Dean Maxim D. Doucet was Dean of Education, Dean Abel served as Dean of Men, and Dean Agnes Edwards served as Dean of Women.

The fall semester of 1947 played an important role in the post World War II years.  Many veterans returned to campus to take advantage of the GI Bill.  Vet village was made available for married veterans.  The Veteran’s Club on campus was active.  This caused the enrollment to soar to a record high of 3400 students.

S.L.I. had a great influence on my life.  I have many fond memories during those years.  It is difficult to recall all of those pleasant memories.  I can recall going to the student center after class and interacting with all my friends, classmates and other students.  I can remember going to S on Sunday mornings for coffee and biscuits.  I can recall the experience of  living in McNaspy Stadium with some of the finest people in the world, my teammates.  I can recall the many dances in the old gym sponsored by various clubs and organizations.  Tex Benecke, the nation’s number one band played for a dance along with Carmen Cavallero and others.  The Sadie Hawkins Dance was popular.

                I can recall the outstanding band and Red Jackets we had in those years.  I can remember the S.L.I. Bulldogs beating the University of Houston Cougars, 21-7, in 1948 in McNaspy Stadium.  The best thing I remember is the day I married the 1949 Homecoming Queen,  Jeanette McNabb.  I still remember the warmth and concern the administration and faculty had for the students of S.L.I.  I can also recall the great support we received from the community of Lafayette and surrounding areas.

                After graduating from S.L.I. in 1951, I entered the United States Army.  I served with the 40th infantry division in Korea.  I was honorably discharged in 1953.  I began my teaching and coaching career at Jennings High School in the fall of 1953.  I received a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision in 1958 from L.S.U.  I completed 30 hours above the Masters degree from L.S.U. and McNeese.

                All of my 34 years of service in education was in Jefferson Davis Parish.  I served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, supervisor, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools for eleven years.

                I have four children and six grandchildren.  I enjoy playing golf, hunting, fishing and all sports.