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Jacqueline Cefalu David – Elementary Education, 1969; M. Ed., 1972

Jacqueline Cefalu David

B.A., 1969 – Elementary Education

M.ED., 1972 – Elementary Education & Supervision of Student Teachers

Arriving on USL’s campus the summer of 1965 was exciting.  Settling into the un-air conditioned DeClouet Hall was challenging.  Before me were to be four exceptional years of learning, maturing, developing and fun!  Remaining active in USL for the past thirty years and witnessing the university’s evolution into the major research institution it is today have been phenomenal.  My personal growth is tied directly to that of my alma mater!

As stated earlier, my first dorm assignment was DeClouet.  The miseries of that semester were soon forgotten when Agnes Edwards opened in the fall of 1965; that was my home for the next three years.  What a place!  A little bit of heaven right here on USL’s campus!  Filled with all things new, and a full service restaurant Agnes Edwards was the best thing on campus!  It made accepting the university’s policies and regulations regarding dorm life so simple.  Who could moan about having to stay in that state-of-the-art miracle until they were 21 or had achieved senior status?  The dorm, situated at the outer edge of campus, was within walking distance of (you guessed it!) The Strip!  That’s a place that’s completely changed what happened to Dave’s Top Hat, the Roof Garden, The Library (no, not Edith Dupre!), etc?

                My freshman year was filled with professor directed academics by day and self-directed study by night.  That schedule provided opportunity for just the right mix of social life–sorority, athletic events, Homecoming, Lagniappe Day, etc.  Before you get the wrong idea about partying on USL’s campus, back in those days weeknight curfew was 9:00 P.M. and on football nights, you could stay out until 1:00 A.M.!  Don’t forget that women had to wear dresses or skirts to classes.  In other words, you had to dress you couldn’t just throw on cut-offs and a t-shirt to go to class!  How about that?  We looked professional because we were being trained to be professionals!  Responsibility, privilege, appearance, performance, dedication, conviction those were the days!

                For the last eleven years, my professional home has been Our Lady of Fatima School where I teach the mentally disabled and the learning disabled in the only state accredited program within the Diocese of Lafayette.  It is here that I found my true calling–to teach!  It is through this association that I have again become involved with The Council for Exceptional Children, presently serving on the Executive Board as Treasurer for the Louisiana Federation.

                My most recent accomplishment is marriage.  In July of this year, I became Mrs. Patrick Dwayne David (also a USL Kappa Sigma alumnus!).  My son, Brandon John Terry, formerly a USL student, is now attending the University of Houston, and living with his father in Texas.  My daughter, Jennifer Lussan Terry, is presently pursuing a degree in Communicative Disorders at USL with anticipated graduation in December, 1999.

                For now, all is well in my life.  Bulldogs Forever!! GEEEAAAUX CAAAAJUNS!


Jacqueline Cefalu David