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Esther Ruth Washington Duffy – Education Specialist Degree, 1977

Esther Ruth Washington Duffy

Dear Sir:

                I, Esther Ruth Washington Duffy, am currently married with three children.  My two daughters are in college: Klare is at Southern University in Animal Science, and Keisha is at OMIS in Civil Engineering.  Kenny, my only son, is in the tenth grade at Acadiana High School.  I am currently employed at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in the Junior Division as an Academic Counselor.

                My favorite times in the seventies and eighties were attending my classes in Maxim Doucet .  I was able to meet old friends and make new friends.  We shared some good study habits together. We are currently all law abiding citizens in Lafayette.  Helen Magee with whom I carpooled to education classes is a school principal.  Gloria Lewis is a Success For All Coordinator in an elementary school.  Regina Bouquoir is a librarian at Youngsville Middle School which my son and daughter attended.  I was pregnant for my second daughter when I took a class with Regina.  I loved that name so much that I named my daughter Klaire Regina.

                I also shared some memorable times with my instructors:  Dr. Jordan, Dr. Fontenot (from “Karren Crow”), Dr. Zink, Dr. Duncan, Dr. Arceneaux, Dr. McCauley, Dr. Robinette, and many others.

                I graduated with my Educational Specialist degree in 1977.  Many thanks to Mr. Jerry Roy, Spirit Coordinator, for the opportunity to share my experience at the University of Southwestern Louisiana with my alumni for the Academic Showcase of the College of Education.  I would just like to say “Happy 100th Birthday” to the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  Working here at the University as an employee is another great joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esther Ruth Washington Duffy