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Dr. Merline T. Broussard – Business Education & English, May 20, 1956; M.Ed., 1967

Merline T. Broussard

Dear Dr. Dugas,

          Thank you for asking me to participate in the Book of Letters.

I, Merline Marie Touchet, graduated from SLI on May 20, 1956 with a BS degree in Business Education and English in the College of Education.  I recall the professors as being concerned about their students and always striving to make us achieve more than we thought we could. When I started teaching, I frequently quoted them and was always striving to make my students achieve higher goals than they thought they could ever achieve.

I commuted from Abbeville to Lafayette daily, and the Girls Club Room was the gathering place for all females who did not reside on campus. This was our home away from home to relax and eat a sandwich with a softdrink. Hicks was another gathering place for us. When we disembarked from the bus, we would walk to Hicks before going to class.  Then it was on to Little Abbeville. We walked to the Army Huts rain or shine to attend our Math Classes. We had challenges, but now they are pleasant memories.

After graduation, I taught Business Education courses in Jeff Davis Parish. I started the Business Education Departments at the Hathaway and Roanoke High Schools. Then I transferred to the Jeff Davis Vo-Tech School to teach Office Occupations Courses.

I returned to Vermilion Parish to teach English at Kaplan High School, Office Occupation Courses at the Gulf Area Vo-Tech School and Business Education courses at Abbeville High School. On May, 28, 1967, I earned a M.Ed. Degree in Administration and Supervision from USL. I earned a Ph.D. Degree in Business Education, Distributive Education and Vocational Education on March 16, 1973. I was employed as a Supervisor in the Office of Vocational Education – State Department of Education, and I retired  June 30, 1989 as Director of Administrative Services in the Office of Vocational Education.

Presently, I am a member of the Louisiana Retired Teachers’ Association Executive Committee, Executive Board, and will become President in April, 2000.  In 1997, I was named to represent Louisiana’s Retired Educators and School Employees on the Board of Trustees – State Employees Group Benefits Program. I am a member of numerous Social, Civic, Educational and Catholic Associations. My husband, Earle J. Broussard, retired as Director of  Student Services from the Vermilion Parish School Board and is presently doing abstract work for the Legal Firm of  Sonnier and Trahan. He, too, is a graduate of SLI and USL with a BA, M.Ed. , and Ed.S. Degrees.

Our son, Brian, is President of Vermilion Group Incorporated, independent consultants in Information Technology. He is a Tulane graduate.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to state my educational, professional and personal careers and endeavors.


Merline T. Broussard, Ph.D.