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Daniel John Bouillion – Health & Physical Education, 1967; M.Ed., 1986

Daniel John Bouillion

USL graduate 1967 & 1986

            My name is Daniel John Bouillion, a 1976 graduate of USL in Health and Physical Education. I’m also a 1986 graduate of the Masters Program in Education. I’m very proud to be a graduate from an institution that not only offered academics, but also offered an atmosphere for so many memories.

I began my studies at USL in the Fall of 1972. Taking 18 credit hours the first semester was a challenge since I was working at a job to pay for the tuition of $132.50  Yes! That is correct!

Spirits were high for me at the time and for so many others, as USL was nationally recognized for the basketball team and program. Going to Blackham Coliseum to watch USL play was super exciting. The Coliseum was always packed with spectators knowing they were there to see them WIN!

I majored in Health and Physical Education and loved every minute of it. Dr. Dugas, department head, maintained and developed an outstanding department with the help of instructors as Coach Nelson, Coach May, Ms. Johnson, Dr. Bourg, Ms. Testerman, Ms. Ducharme, Dr. Blackwell, Coach Hennesey, Coach Wolf and Dr. Gatch.

Everyone majoring in Health and Physical Education wore a specific  major’s uniform for all Physical Education classes. It seemed very special and it made us take more pride in our major. These classes were open only to P.E. Majors and were directed to learning everything about the sport covered in the class. Plenty of notes and plenty of notes!! It was worth it.

Taking a class with Coach Nelson in Recreation was exciting. One time, we left to go on a canoe trip. When we arrived, it rained so much, we had to cancel the outing and head on home. Visiting his property in Broussard for games and activities, going bowling and even swimming classes were all very fun!

Dr. Ed Dugas was very strict in his lessons and what he expected us to do. We were instructed to keep a daily log of all activities and notes in a notebook to be turned in at the end of the semester. Guess what? I still have mine! With that much work involved and the professional expectation from Dr. Dugas, it does become a treasure to keep and remember those days.

I worked in the Health and Physical Education Department as a student aid. Running errands from the Men’s gym and Women’s gym was a daily routine. Picking up mail at the post office on campus, setting up volleyball nets and arranging certain things for classes in the gym were all part of my job.

Having classes in Earl K. Long Gym and McLaurin Gym brings back so many memories of health, dance, and P.E. classes. Taking a swimming class at the indoor pool on Rex street was a lot of fun. Taking Archery at Barn C near Blackham Coliseum, bowling on campus, wrestling at McNaspy, trampoline in Earl K. Long Annex, tennis behind Earl K. Long Gym, and other activities at Earl K. Long Gym all bring back great, fun memories.

As I drive down St. Mary Blvd., I can’t help but have so many memories rush through my mind. It is implanted in my mind and surfaces quite often. It was due to the atmosphere the University provided, the instructors I had and all of the students I came to know. It is an era I will always treasure!

Since I graduated from USL, I have become a teacher/coach at Sts. Leo Seton School in Lafayette.  I coached there for 13 years there and left to take an assistant principal position at Carencro Catholic.  After two years there, I became principal of Redemptorist Catholic in Crowley where I am still employed. Besides being in the school system in the Diocese of Lafayette, I was the camp director for Camp Bobwhite, a summer day camp in Lafayette. I also worked at Lourdes Health Promotion Center as a fitness consultant.  I also taught tennis lessons through Gumbo U at USL.

It has been an honor to have a degree from USL, as I have worked at various places and had the opportunity of meeting so many people.  The degree received gave me pride and joy in doing things I always wanted to do.  Thanks to all instructors throughout my curriculum as an undergraduate and graduate student.


Daniel John Bouillion