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Claude DeWitt Revels, Jr. – Health and Physical Education, 1973; M. Ed., 1976

Claude DeWitt Revels, Jr.

B.S. Health and Physical Education – 1973

Masters in Secondary Education – 1976

As a former student athlete at USL, I have so many fond memories that they are too numerous for all to be included…..and some, I am quite sure, would not be allowed.  I suppose the one word that best describes my memory of USL is “home.”  I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but my heart is in Lafayette.

The old stadium, the new stadium, pep rallies and cookouts in the Park, the year it snowed, the night the art building burned, Campus Security spending time picking up pecans, hence the name “Pecan Patrol,” multiple trips to the Campus Post Office looking for a note from home, or maybe a few bucks for some ice cream from my Dad…..we always had our talks over a milkshake, Running workouts in the cold, rain, and heat.  We used to joke about how Coach Cole must have been a Postal Carrier in another life, for nothing deterred him from sending us out.  The Pit Grill, tennis with Dr. Bourg, Badminton with Dr. Dugas, class camping trips with Coach Nelson….Mr. Nelson doesn’t seem to fit the character I remember.

Riding for the Mardi Gras in Mamou one year, sharing a bathroom with seven other athletes, 7AM workouts after getting in at 5:30 AM, the new student union and beer, the year of the “Great Panty Raid”, beating McNeese for the Conference Championship in Cross Country in the morning at Beaver Park, then taking the Football Championship the same night, falling asleep in the reserved reading room in the library, finals……and 25 cent beer at the Keg to help ease the pain, having a car or should I say TAXI.

                Dr. Beasley for Philosophy, Dr. Eason for Exercise Physiology, Dr. Testerman’s square dance classes, “RESPECT” by  the Band at the Football Games,……..and the “Sweethearts” performances, a festival somewhere every weekend, student teaching at Lafayette High, part time teaching at St. Martinville Jr. High, reconciling all of those $10 checks cashed at the corner Quick Stop to see if you had anything left for a date, and MY FRIENDS.

                A special hello and thank you for all of you who gave me the memories I shall always cherish.  To my best friend in the world, my college roommate, Stephen Killingsworth……my youngest son is named Stephen.  To Patin Breaux, Mike Alexander, Art Botterill, Tom Hopkins, Tom Anderson, Ron Landry, Tom Williams, Richard Henderson, Russell Saltzman, Charlie Blanchard, Doris Hebert, Brian Dronet, Ann Stringfield, June Henderson, Ronnie Hanks, and Mike Richard……I love you all.

                Current Status:  Corporate Safety Director for JM Family Enterprises, Inc. since 1985.  Still running.  Just finished a Marathon Dec. 19th.  My oldest son, Claude DeWitt Revels, III followed as a student athlete in Track and Cross Country on scholarship, and my youngest son, Stephen Brett Revels, was a weight lifter and football player in high school, now in Construction Work.  I have truly been blessed in this life.

Claude DeWitt Revels, Jr.