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Beverly Guidry Cormier – Elementary Education, 1984

Beverly Guidry Cormier

May, 1984: Elementary Education

            My name is Beverly Guidry Cormier and I received my BA degree in Elementary Education in May of 1984.  I went on to complete my Master of Education in December of 1985.  After having two children, I pursued my Educational Specialist Degree and was granted this in December of 1994.  My experiences at USL were very compacted because I always carried a very full load of courses (up to 22 hours/semester some years).  I have fond recollections of walking through the shaded campus on cool fall days and anticipating my weekends.  The faculty of the university was always very accommodating and congenial and most were eager to assist in any way they could.

            My years as a graduate student were equally if not more compacted with studies, work and trying to maintain a family life.  As always, the staff of the university was always willing to accommodate my schedule and circumstances.  I found USL to be an exceptional school and a super place to “hang my hat.”