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Arthur J. Kryda – Health and Physical Education, 1950

Arthur J. Kryda

1950 – Health & Physical Education

                My class of 1950 was very fortunate to have had a strong curriculum in Physical Education.

                I applied for a Physical Education position in Winnetka, Illinois, known as the “Gold Coast” in the NE corner of the state just North of Chicago.

                Winnetka in New Trier Township is one of the top three schools in Illinois every year.  The people in this section of Illinois put great value in good education and are willing to pay for it.  Winnetka could be ranked with the finest school systems in Louisiana.

                At my interview, they examined Southwestern’s Physical Education curriculum very, very carefully.  I was accepted and had a teaching career touching four decades in Winnetka, Illinois.

                You are just as fortunate.  Southwestern has Dr. Ed Dugas entrusted with the Physical Education curriculum, one which he has improved upon and EXPANDED throughout these many years.

                Do not overlook one of your strongest points in seeking a position.  The better schools want to check your curriculum before hiring.  You have in Dr. Ed Dugas an “Ace Card” –  play it.

                He is the keeper of the corner stone of Physical Education at Southwestern.  Take advantage of good fortune waiting for you.  May you have great success in whatever choice you make.


Arthur J. Kryda (Art)