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Andrea LeBlanc – Health Promotion and Wellness, Class of 2001

Andrea LeBlanc

Class of 2001

Health Promotion and Wellness

                My name is Andrea LeBlanc.  I am expected to graduate in the Spring of 2001.  My life at USL for the last three years has been memorable.  I participated in the USL Rajun Cajun Marching Band for two football seasons.  These were some of the best times I had in college.  I will never forget the USL vs Texas A&M game with Jake Delhomme as the quarterback.  The football team played that game with all of their hearts and souls, and it paid off with a win.  The stadium was filled to the brim, and I knew it was a moment of greatness to be cherished by everyone.  During the last seconds of the game the crowd went wild.  They rushed the field and tore down the goal posts as the band played the fight song and Respect.  The university itself gained lots of respect that night.  It gained respect from the students, the faculty, the public, and a number of extremely disappointed Texans.  My hat goes off to the members of that football team who made their dreams come true.  This is what USL is all about–making your dreams come true.

                Another major part of my college life is the faculty.  When I first attended USL, my major was Hospitality Management in the College of Applied Life Sciences.  My first advisor encouraged me to be active and to get the most I could out of my university experience.  I undoubtedly took her advice, and it changed my college experience for the better.  I became involved in band and the Hosteurs Club.  Through these organizations, I made friends and had experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have to thank my outstanding advisor, Virginia Soileau, for the support and advice during my first days at USL.

                When I decided to change my major, I had a hard time pinpointing exactly what I wanted to do until I found the Health Department.  I changed my major to Health Promotion and Wellness and have not doubted my decision since.  This department at USL is the best one on campus.  The faculty is well organized and always willing to help students in any way possible.  The support system this department offers has given me knowledge, courage, experience, and strength to accomplish anything to which I put my mind.

My first class was a physical education class with Dr. Ed Dugas.  I learned more about myself than anything else.  Dr. Dugas reminded me how to set goals for myself and work for them.  This class enriched my college experience once again.  I never thought about running a mile and a half much less recording a time and trying to improve it.  I made myself a plan.  I worked at it, and I achieved my goal.  This is probably the most important lesson I could have learned at USL.  During this class, I made many friends including Rory Abshire.  Rory died in a track accident at the end of the semester.  He was a wonderful person, and I am thankful I became his friend.  Every once in a while, I see someone that looks like him, and I have to look twice.  Rory’s spirit will stay with USL forever.  My life at USL has proven challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking, and fulfilling all at the same time.  I have made friends I will cherish forever.  I have obtained advice and experiences that I could not live without, and I have learned how to make my dreams come true.