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Football Head Coaches


2002-present Rickey Bustle 17-29
Brent Pry, Rob Christophel, Troy Wingerter, Brian Christ, Brian Jenkins, Tim Rebowe, Shawn Quinn, Gary Bartel, Michael Gibson, Clay Jennings

1999-2002 Jerry Baldwin 6-27
Carey Bailey, Cordell Bailey, Gary Bartel, Larry Edmondson, Mark McQuillin, Mark Miller, Tucker Peavey, Tony Tademy, Tyke Tolbert, Troy Wingerter, Robert Christophel

1986-1998 Nelson Stokley 62-80-1
Miles Aldridge, Carey Bailey, Jerry Beach, Ron Brown, Gerald Broussard, Louis Cook, David Culley, Mike Doherty, Vic Eumont, Doug Fertsch, Steve Hale, Chris Gannon, Marion Hobby, Bob Howell, Don Jones, Jeff Jordan, Rex Kipps, Harry Lemming, Edwin Sheridan, Pat Washington, Ron West, Jack White, Barry Wilson, Ray Woodard

1980-1985 Sam Robertson 29-34-2
Lynn Amadee, Ray Barnes, Tom Couste, David Dunkelberger, Bobby Green, Jimmy Heggins, Les Koenning, Don Lockwood, Gary Mullins, Don Murry, Bill Pietosky, Lee Rodgers, Theilen Smith, Jack White, Gerald Broussard, Dwight Flanagan,

1974-1979 Augie Tammariello 30-34-2
Brady Muth, Sam Robertson, Don Miller, Lee Rodgers, Dwight Flanagan,

1973 Dan “Sonny” Roy 0-1

1961-1973 Russ Faulkinberry 66-62-2
Bob Cole, Sonny Roy, Raymond Blanco, Erwin Sibille, Bobby Banna, Don Smith, A. C. “Red” Phillips, Larry Naviaux, Billy “Red” Hendrix,

1958-1960 Jim “Red” Hoggatt 11-17-1
Bill Nichols (deceased), Bob Evans (deceased), Pete Wilson, Bob Patterson,

1957 John Robert Bell 4-5-1
Sonny Roy, Beryl Shipley

1951-1956 Raymond Didier 29-27-2
Charley Pevey, Bill McClellan, Gay Keller, Bob Ratcliff

1950 A. L. “Red” Swanson 5-4

1947-1949 George “Gee” Mitchell 18-8-1

1946 Johnny L. Cain 6-4
(1937-1941 27-15-5, overall 33-19-5)

1942-1945 Louis Whitman 14-14-2

1937-1941 Johnny L. Cain 27-15-5

1931-1936 T. F. Wilbanks 19-32-2

1921-1930 T. Ray Mobley 48-43-5
(1916 7-1 & 1919 2-4-2, overall 57-48-7)

1920 H. O. Tudor 2-8

1919 T. Ray Mobley 2-4-2

1917-1918 Clement J. McNaspy 12-3
(1913 4-4, 1908-1911 18-6-4. overall 34-15-4)

1916 T. Ray Mobley 7-1

1914-1915 R. B. Dunbar 10-5-1

1913 Clement J. McNaspy 4-4

1912 H. Lee Prather 3-4

1908-1911 Clement J. McNaspy 18-8-4

1907 Jefferson Caffery 1-0

1906 Herbert McNaspy 1-0-1

1905 No Team Yellow Fever Epidemic

1904 Edwin F. Gayle 2-0-1

1903 J. Ovey Herpin 1-1

1901-1902 Ashby Woodson 3-2

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