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Book of Letters

During 1998 and 1999, requests for letters from students, faculty, and alumni were announced. This was done through class announcements, letters to current and former faculty, Parish Spirit Coordinators, College of Education Academic Showcase website, College of Education announcements and University announcements.

Between November, 1998 (College of Education Academic Showcase month) and December, 1999 almost 150 letters  were received from alumni, current and former faculty, and current students. These letters documented their experiences at SLI, USL and/or UL-Lafayette.

Many of the letters contained information on careers, family, and other experiences, along with some of their recollections of life at the university. While there was one letter from the 1920s and seven from the 1930s, each decade had at least 13 letters.

Mr. Frank Chales Delana, class of 1928, was the graduate with the earliest experiences at SLI, while four letters came from students who were in the classes of 2000 or 2001.

Seven letters were submitted by graduates from the 1930s: 31 – Thomas Ray Landry; 34 – Paul John Gaudet; 37 – Eddie Ray Broussard and Evelyn Gary Boudreaux; 38 – Charles A. Bernard, Jr.; 39 – Gladys Hoffpauir Robinette and William Stevenson.

Many of the letters were comprehensive and include a wide-variety of topics. Others focused on a specific education program which they wanted to document. Dr. Thomas Nevitt presented a very thorough history of the Department of Industrial Arts Education. Glenda Sue Thibodeaux Thomas presented extensive information about Hamilton Laboratory School on the campus.  Carol Scott Whelan presented a unique perspective on the development of educational technology which resulted in the Educational Technology Review Center (ETRC) in the College of Education.

Each letter is unique as each person presented information based on their experiences and their frame of reference.
Our university has much for which we can be proud. Our graduates have done exceptionally well and these letter reflect the quality of their university preparation and the types of student which were attracted to the university.

In preparation of the letters for placement on the Centennial CD, three College of Education graduates undertook the task of reviewing the letters. Dr. Virgie Dronet (McNeese State University), Lois Patin (St. Martin Parish Schools), and Dr. Virginia Poe (UL EDCI faculty member) reviewed each of the original letters. Their purpose was to check grammar and consistency of university information, such as the names of buildings, professors, etc.

Once this task was completed the finalization process began so the letters could be placed on the College of Education Centennial CD. Appreciation is expressed to Carolyn Broussard, Heidi Grotefend LeBlanc, and Dr. Elizabeth Lavergne Pinkett for their assistance in completing this task.

Carolyn, HPE Administrative Assistant, typed and saved all of the of the letters on CDs so that Ryan Brooks, College of Education ETRC staff member, could prepared them for placement on the Centennial CD. She was assisted by Heidi Grotefend LeBlanc, the departmental student assistant.
Final editing of the letters was done by Dr. Elizabeth Pinkett, EDCI faculty member.

A special acknowledgement is extended to each person who submitted letters so others will know of the rich history of the College of Education and the university. These letters contain unique perspectives which were provided by our current and former students and faculty. Lastly, appreciation is expressed to all who helped promote the Book of Letters and encouraged others to submit their letter. All of the above have made this wonderful collection possible.
Thank You!

The original letters are housed in the Louisiana Room of Dupre’ Library.

Click a letter below to view the letters which were submitted by persons whose last name begins with one of the 20 alphabetical letters listed below.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas
Chair, College of Education
Centennial Academic Showcase