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Basketball (M) Head Coaches


2004-2005 Robert Lee First Year
Rennie Bailey, Carlin Hartman, Jason Kennemer

1997-2004 Jessie Evans 132-81
Bobby Champagne, Paul Johnson, Robert Lee

1986-1997 Marty Fletcher 176-146
Dale Clayton, Reggie Franklin, Robert Lee, John Lyles, Butch Pierre, Todd Rinehart, Don Wilson

1978-1986 Bobby Paschal 153-85
Bobby Bowman, Ricky Broussard, Dennis Donaldson, Dwayne Olinger

1975-1978 Jim Hatfield 47-35
Bob Walker, Bud Collins, Bobby Paschal, Al Simon

1973-1975 NCAA Did Not Allow University to Field a Basketball Team.

1957-1973 Beryl Shipley 296-129
Tom Colwell, Tom Cox, Kenny Curtis, Don Landry, Rocke Roy, Allen VanWinkle, Danny Barker, Harry Garverick, Manny Goldstein, Jerry Meaux, Sonny Roy, Andy Russo, Jimmy Dykes

1931-1957 Julien Carl “Dutch” Reinhardt
Sidney Naquin

1928-1931 E. J. Pickell 35-24

1925-1927 Robert L. Browne 9-26

1921-1925 T. R. Mobley 57-37

1916-1921 Unknown 32-22

1911-1916 Clement J. McNaspy 23-19

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