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Athletic Network Site Dedication Dec. 17, 2003

Approximately 75 persons attended the ceremony including Gov.-elect Blanco; former coaches, Blanco, Faulkinberry, Sibille, Mouton, Shipley, Cox; current coaches, Bass, Bustle, Veazey, Wingerter; athletic staff, Schexnayder, Richardson, Dischler; approximately 25 family members; faculty and staff; and former athletes.

At ceremonies held Wednesday, Dec. 17 at the Alumni Center, the restructured Athletic Network website was unveiled by Mike Spears, President of Firefly Digital and host of the Athletic Network website. The website was formally dedicated to Bill “Blackjack” Landry and Julien “Dutch” Reinhardt. You may now log on to the restructured website at www.athleticnetwork.net
Please visit the Site Dedication link where you may click on the Living Memorial link and view what others are writing about Blackjack and Dutch. You are encouraged to click on the Submit Fond Memory link where you may add your fond memories of either or both to the Living Memorial.

Our two honorees had a fan and friendship base which went beyond athletics…so please inform others who knew either or both honorees, but who were not athletes/support group members, that they may also submit their email of fond memories to the Living Memorial. They may also click on the FAN link and become a Friend of Athletic Network if they want current athletic news.

Special acknowledgements are extended to Mike and his staff of professionals at Firefly Digital (especially Kim) who successfully completed the restructuring task; Liz Landry and John Dugas, who constantly evaluated ideas for improvement; UL staff members from various departments (links listed on site), who worked with us to include their links so your UL search for information is stream-lined; our wonderful sponsors, including SLEMCO and Stevens who are our two new sponsors – let them know how much you appreciate their support; those persons who submitted emails about Blackjack and Dutch for the Site Dedication, especially Jim Doyle and Fred (Erik) Nelson, who read their fond memory at the Site Dedication; the Landry and Reinhardt families for their kind words, strong support and attendance at the Site Dedication; Irwin and Jeanette Sibille for their assistance; our former and current coaches and other Athletic Department officials for their support and attendance; Dwight Prudhomme, Angela and the letterman’s club; the UL administration for their support; our Athletic Network captains, who provide leadership and helped populate the site with teammates; John Claude, Gerald Hebert, Dan Hare, Jeanette Narcisse, Martha Marse, Kerry and others who helped with various aspects of the program….to the above…THANK YOU!

Wishing all viewers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the New Year be a year of Peace for you and your loved ones.

Peace, Ed Dugas
Friend of both “Blackjack” and “Dutch”