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2013 Red Jackets Reunion- Nov. 2 Homecoming Photo Gallery

Overview of Nov. 2 membership meeting:

The group voted to ride in the parade next year. We had a ball. Those who did not get to ride sat in the stands at the Alumni Center.

We were honored to have a 1947 Red Jacket from Baton Rouge attend. What a great effort! Twenty eight Red Jackets attended the 2013 meeting.

Thanks for the photos and your continued support.

We elected officers .. Corinne Randazzo, President; Catherine Maloney, Vice President; Judy de Valcourt, Secretary; and Dot Mims, Treasurer.

Again, thank you. Corinne Ohlsen Randazzo corinne.randazzo@att.net
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Photos by Ed Dugas athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu