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Current Sports - Milestones/Ragin' Cajuns Firsts

Do you have information on a "Milestone/Ragin' Cajuns First" Athletic Contest or special event to share with the Athletic Network?

If so, please email your "Milestone/Ragin' Cajuns Firsts" to Dr. Ed Dugas athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu - include your name, email address, and source.  Sources may be media guides, game day programs, L'Acadien, Vermilion, newspaper articles, and/or other media sources or publications, etc. Photos are encouraged. You witnessing an event is considered a primary source. 

The Athletic Network is attempting to provide broad overviews of each of our current and former sports. For more complete information and photos, please click the photo gallery on the left side of the home page at http://www.athleticnetwork.net/ and also visit the Archive News page. Click any article in the News Box, then Archive News in the upper left of that page. Click the month/year of the article you seek and that month of headlines will appear. Click on the headline for the full story. Thank you.

Consider any current/former athletic team events/contests as suitable topics for this unique historical perspective.


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Basketball (W)

Cross Country & Track and Field



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