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L'Acadien 1984

Two L’Acadien’s were published in 1984, the year the university experienced a temporary name change from the University of Southwestern Louisiana to the University of Louisiana. The first L’Acadien published that year had a white cover and it contained the language 1984 L’Acadien on the cover. The spine had the language, The University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1984, Vol. XLV. However, page one includes a statement indicating that the volume was for 1983-84.

The second L’Acadien published that year had a blue cover, was identified as the 1984 edition and had the language U of L on the cover. This edition was given the number Vol. XLVI. The spine contained The University of Louisiana written with a 
blank space about the size of where the word “Southwestern” would have appeared if it were The University of Southwestern Louisiana. It also contained the 1984 date and Vol. LXVI. 

The scans for the white L’Acadien have been posted first for this year, immediately followed by the scans from the blue L’Acadien.

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