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Family Connections

To submit your Family Connections please ascertain that the profiles of each person in the connection are posted on the AN Website. Click the link below to email the Athletic Network and provide the description of your Family Connection.

Family Connections may cross lines of gender, sport, support group, etc. Please use the Family Connections below as a format to e-mail your Family Connections to the AN.

Each profile contains a footnote section (box for entering information) and members are encouraged to include those family connections at the university which go beyond the format for the Family Connections Page. Please take time to document this important historical information. Thank you.

James "Jim" Doyle, Football 1967-70, brother;
Ed Doyle, Football 1970, brother.

Theresa Comeaux Touchet, Dance Teams 1993-95, Cheerleader 1995-97, sister;
Tarrah Comeaux Davis, Cheerleader 1995-98, sister.

L. J. Raymond, Football 1945-48, Basketball 1945-47, father;
Randy Raymond, Football 1969-72, son.

James "Jimmy" Guice, Baseball 1952-55, brother;
John "Johnny" Guice, Football Manager 1955-59, brother.

Gerald Hebert, Baseball 1962,64; Managers, 1963; brother;
Glenn "Goon" Hebert, Baseball 1969-72, brother.

June Broussard Meyers (twin sister of Judy) has two sons who comprise the Meyers Family Connections:
Kevin Meyers, Baseball 1986-89, brother;
Claire Meyers, Track & Field 2016-21, daughter of Kevin;
Ken Meyers, Baseball 1988-92, brother.
Judy Broussard Mouton (twin sister of June) has two sons who comprise the Mouton Family Connections:
Eric Mouton, Basketball (M) 1987-92, Coached Basketball 1995-1997, brother;
Eli Mouton, Basketball (M) 2018-19, son of Eric;
Brady Mouton, Baseball 1987-89, brother.

Stewart Blue, Track and Field 1966-69, father;
Jamie Blue, Track and Field 2004-09, daughter.

Jay Hebert, Football 1983-86, twin brother;
Jed Hebert, Football 1983-86, twin brother.

Maria Cristina Giron Ramos, Volleyball 1987-92, wife.
Yariel "Papo" Ramos, Baseball 1990-92, husband;

Jim Phillip O'Connor, Football 1952-55, father;
Jay O'Connor, Baseball 1976-79, son;
Garrett O'Connor, Baseball 1982-85, son;

Dr. David "Dave" H. Fisher, Football 1946-49, Track & Field 1947-50, father;
Shirley Rhodes Fisher, Band 1943-46, wife/mother;
Sharon Fisher O'Neill, Sweethearts 1973-76, daughter;
Lindsey Fisher, Track & Field 1985-87, son;
Stacy Fisher Brown, Track & Field 1985-87, daughter.

Theodore Sliman, Golf 1999-2003, husband;
Mary Montgomery Sliman, Administration (Baseball Office) 2000-2001, wife.

John Bordelon, Football 1973-76, husband;
Suzanne Green Bordelon, Dance Team 1973-76, wife.

David G. Rogers, Football 1967-1970, brother;
Tommie L. Rogers, Football 1970-1974, brother.

David G. Rogers, Football 1967-70, father;
Maria N. Rogers Phares, Cheerleader 1990-1994, daughter;
Baron D. Rogers, Football 1994-1998, son;
Benjamin J. Rogers, Track & Field 1999-2003, son;
Matthew A. Rogers, Baseball 2001-2002, son.

Tommie Rogers, Football 1970-74, father;
Lindsay Paige Rogers, Cheerleader 1999-2002, daughter.

Nathan Evennett, Golf 1994-96, husband;
Gina Calegari Evennett, Volleyball 1995-99, wife.

Kelli Bruce Cade, Softball 1996-2000, wife;
Ryan Cade, Football 1997-2000.

Louis Gaudet, Football 1947-50, husband;
Jeanette McNabb Gaudet, Red Jackets 1949-51, wife.

George Berry, Cheerleader 1942 & 43 and 1946 & 47, husband;
Marion Stelly Berry, Red Jackets 1945-47, wife.

Bob Verlander, Basketball 1959-63, Football 1959-62, brother;
Hugh Verlander, Football 1959-61, brother.

Edward P. Mouton, Basketball 1960-62, Baseball 1961 - 63, Head Baseball Coach 1967, father;
Ross Edward Mouton, Basketball 2003-04, son.

Tom Bickham, Football 1932, 1933, 1934, brother;
Thomas (T.E.) Bickham, Jr., Football 1939 - 42 and Track & Field 1940 - 43, brother.
Beth Bickham, daughter of Tom Bickham, is married to Edward "Eddie" Mouton, and they are the parents of Ross Mouton, Men's Basketball 2003-07.

Tiffany Whittall Harris, Softball 1992-95, wife;
Robert "KingRob" Harris, Voice of Louisiana Athletics for Softball 1987-2004, husband.

Gene Paul Hebert, Gymnastics/Trampoline 1959-62, Weight Lifting 63-64, father;
Chad Hebert, Assistant Tennis Coach 1994-96, son.

Rick Lalande, Baseball 1954-55, father;
Mark Lalande, Baseball 1979-82, son;
Sid Lalande, Baseball 1985, son.

Stefni Whitton Lotief, Softball 1987-90, Assistant Softball Coach 1995-97, Head Softball Coach since 2000, wife;
Michael Lotief, Co-head Softball Coach since 2000, husband.

Todd Weber, Baseball 1982-85, brother;
Thad Weber, Baseball 1987-88, brother;
Ty Weber, Golf 1995-99, brother.

Julie Arnie Cutrera, Tennis 1979-81, mother;
John Anthony Cutrera, II, Football 2004, son.

Butch Roussel, Football 1965,68,69, Father;
Butch Roussel, Jr., Football 2002-04, son.

Harold T. Goertz, Jr., Football 1951-53, Gerald's brother & Margo's husband;
Gerald Goertz, Football 1952 & 53, brother of Harold;
Marguerite "Margo" Daboval, Red Jackets 1953 & 54, wife of Harold.

Dr. Louis Roth, Football 1951-55, father;
Matt Roth, Football 1979-83, son.

Rixby J. Hardy, Golf 1961-62, twin brother;
Rixie J. Hardy, Golf 1961-62, twin brother.

Atwood "Woody" R. Coleman, Track & Field 1987-89, husband;
Kathleen "Kathy" Bartleson Coleman, Women's Basketball 1992-96, wife.

Daniel "D Mac" James McMurtry, Baseball 2001- 2004, brother;
Becky Jean McMurtry, Softball 2002 -2004, sister.

Brandon Arabie, Football 1996-98, brother;
Matthew Arabie, Football Equipment Manager 2001-2004, brother.

Anthony "Bab" Babineaux, Baseball 1991-95 and Baseball Coach 1995-2005, husband;
Joni Elizabeth Podhorez Babineaux, Softball 1995-98, wife.

Robbie Juul, Football 1969 - 1972, father;
Robbie Juul, Jr., Football 1993 - 1996, son.

John Pierret, Golf 1968-72, brother;
Octave "Kirk" Pierret, Golf 1971-74, brother;
Kent Pierret, Golf 1974-77, brother;
Matthew "Matt" Pierret, CC and Track & Field 1975-78, brother;
Mark Pierret, CC and Track & Field 1978-79, brother;
Jay Pierret, CC and Track & Field 1985-87, brother.

Leander "Lee" Tatford, Football 1973-76, husband/father;
Doris Regan Tatford, Dance Team 1975 & 76, Miss USL 1976, wife/mother;
Jefferies Tatford, Baseball 2004-06, son;
Byrnes Edward Tatford, Football 2008 & 09, son;
Evan Tatford, Football 2013-15, son. 

Myles Casbon, Football 1968-71, father;
Matthew Casbon, Baseball 2002-03,2005-06, son.

Albert Mendibles, Baseball 1987-88, husband;
Allison Gray Mendibles, Softball 1984-87, wife. 

Edmond "Ed" A. Dugas, AN Coordinator, 2002-2012 and Research Coordinator since 2012, father;
John A. Dugas, Athletic Administration since 1994 & AN Website Administrator since 2002,son;
Paul David Dugas, L'Acadien Copy Manager, 1985 & Vermilion Editor, 1987, son;
Chloe E. Angelle, Ragin' Jazz 2003 & 2006, granddaughter;
Courtney L. Dugas, Athletic Network 2007, granddaughter;
Christian Paul Labit, Athletic Network Photographer 2010 & 2011, grandson; 
Lesley Dugas Angelle, Athletic Network Photographer 2011 & responsible for daily news posting 2012, daughter;
The dedication of the family to the AN is in part in memory of Paul D. Dugas; 3/2/1964 - 1/13/2003.

James "Jimmy" Culotta, Basketball 1960-61, father/husband;
Rose Marie Delhommer, Dance 1961-62, wife/mother;
Carla Culotta-Schmitt, Cheerleader 1990-93, daughter.

J. "Kelley" Hall, Head Women's Basketball Coach since 2002, husband;
Meredith Michele Sisson Hall, Co-head Coach Women's Basketball since 2002, wife.

Leon D. Ortemond, Sr., Football 1964, father;
David Ortemond, Football 1991, 1994 & 95, brother;
Christina "Cristy" Ortemond Franques, Cheerleaders 1985 and Dance Team 1986-89, sister.

Michael Neustrom, Football 1965-68, brother;
David Neustrom, Football 1971-74, brother.

Pennye Louise Provost Garcia, Gymnastics/Trampoline 1975-77, wife;
William "Billy" Garcia, Baseball 1977-78, husband.

Daniel "Sonny" Roy, Administration 1978-81, Baseball 1956-58, Basketball 1955-58, Coaches 1962-67,1974, father;
Kevin Roy, Managers 1980-82, son;
John Roy, Athletic Trainers 1985-88, son;
Shelbi Roy, Dance Team 2010-11, Homecoming Court 2013, granddaughter;
Samantha Roy, Women's basketball, 2011 & 2012, granddaughter.

Jeff Hennessy, Coaches 1959-86, father;
Leigh Hennessy, Gymnastics/Trampoline 1976-1980.

William "Bill" Sirmon, Jr., Track & Field 1963-65, father;
William "Maniac" Sirmon, III, Football 1984-88, son.

Paulette "Ms.P" Marie Delana Fishback, Administration 1989-present, mother;
Scott "Fish" Fishback, Baseball 1991-93, son.

Deborah "Deb" Breaux Hernandez, Dance Teams Ragin' Jazz 1984-87, wife;
Xavier "X" Hernandez, Baseball 1984-86, husband.

Peter Batton, Football 1982-86, husband;
Claudia LeBlanc Batton, Dance Team 1987-89, wife.

Michael Spears, Cheerleaders 1988 & 1989, brother;
Christopher Spears, Baseball 1988 & 1989 and Cheerleaders 1989 & 1990, brother.
AN Note:  Mike is President of Firefly Digital, the Athletic Network Host. Mike's committment to the AN website is in part in memory of Kenneth Lane Spears, his father, USL Alumnus and  High School Coach. 

Tiffany Clark Gusman, Softball 1997-2000, wife;
Dan Gusman, Baseball 1998-99, husband.

Nelson J. Schexnayder, Jr., Football 1968-71 & Administration 1991-2005, father;
David "Schex" Michael Schexnayder, Football 2003-05, son.

Maria "Tina" Christina Giron Ramos, Volleyball 1987-1992, wife;
Yariel "Papo" Ramos, Baseball 1990-92, husband.

De'Edra "Smooth" Adline Dangerfield, Basketball (W) 1979-83, twin sister;
De'Nicea "Danger" Aldene Dangerfield Jacquet, Basketball (W), twin sister.

Joe Calloway, Football 1957-60 and Track & Field 1956-59, father;
Jeffrey "Jeff" Calloway, Golf 1986-1990, son.

Darren Strother, Football 1992-96, husband;
Nicole Butaud Strother, Cheerleader 1992-94, wife.

Rickey Bustle, Head Football Coach 2001-present, father;
William "Brad" Bustle, Football 2005-06, son.

Jeremy Whipple, Baseball 2002-05, brother;
Travis Whipple, Baseball 2006, brother.

Adrienne Bucci Kimball, Athletic Trainer 1995-97, wife;
Terry R. Kimball, Athletic Trainer 1996-98, husband.

Hardy "Junior" Edmiston, Athletic Trainers 1948-51, Baseball 1951, Managers 1948-51, grandfather;
Robert "Drew" Edmiston, Football 2004-06, grandson.

Bill "Peanuts" Lowry, Football 1950 & 51, husband;
Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Jeanmard Lowry, Red Jackets 1953 & 54,wife;
Bridget Anne Lowry, Ragin' Jazz 2005 & 06, granddaughter.

Debra Babb, Coaches 1981-84, mother;
Jerry Babb, Football 2002-06, son.

Tony Robichaux, Baseball 1984, Head Baseball Coach since 1994, father;
Justin Robichaux, Baseball 2006-2010, son;
Austin Robichaux, Baseball 2011-2013, son. 

James "Jim" Brennan, Football 1964-67, father;
John "Pat" Brennan, Football 1992-96 & Track & Field 1994, son.
Jim was All-Gulf States Conference in Football in 1967, while Pat was named All-Big West in 1995 - both on defense.
This is the first Family Connection to have been named all-conference in any sport at UL.  

Karen Ann Strenge Segura, Dance Team Sweethearts 1979-1981, mother;
Gracey Alayne Domingue, Dance Team Ragin' Jazz 2006-11, daughter.
*First mother/daughter Dance Team Family Connection - Karen with the Sweethearts, Gracey with the Ragin' Jazz.

Andrew "Andy" Adam Gros, Baseball 2000-2003,first cousin;
Thomas "TJ" Joseph Gros, Baseball 2005-2006, first cousin;
(Andy and TJ's fathers are brothers).

Laura "Loo" Katharine Zaunbrecher, Track & Cross Country 2000-05, sister;
Mary "Analise" Zaunbrecher, Track & Cross Country 2000-04, sister.

Otis Hurst, Basketball 1937-40, Football 1936-39 & Track 1937-40, brother;
Carl Hurst, Basketball 1938-41 & Track 1938-41, brother.

Danny Cook, Baseball 1977-78, husband;
Meg Scopes Cook, Tennis 1977-79 & Coach 1982-85, wife;
Mike Cook, Baseball 2007, son.

Sharen Wynn, Softball 1983-85 & Volleyball 1983-84, aunt;
Joey Wynn, Track & Field, 2006 & 2007, nephew.

Robert Voitier, Football 1940-42, Baseball 1942, brother;
Jack Voitier, Baseball and Football, 1941, brother.

Darrell Cobb, Track & Field 1978, father;
Megan Cobb, Managers 2004-07, daughter;
Courtney Cobb, Track & Field 2006 & 2007, daughter.

Robert L. Lee, Men's Basketball Coach 1995 to present, brother;
Paula Lee, Women's Basketball Coach 2007 (first year), sister.

Michael Desormeaux, Football 2004-07, brother;
Matthew Desormeaux, Football 2006 & 2007, brother.

Maria Ann Latiolais Hanes, Ragin' Jazz 1999, wife;
Ken Michael Hanes, Water Ski 2001, husband.

Causby Hamic, Jr., Basketball 1939-42, Father-In-Law and Grandfather;
Nelson Stokley, Football Coach 1986-98 and Athletic Director 1988-1992, Son-In-Law and Father;
Brandon Stokley, Football 1995-99, Son and Grandson.

William E. "Billy" Arms, Basketball 1947-49, brother:
John P. "Johnny" Arms, Football 1958 & 59, Baseball 1959 & 60, brother.

Francis Voorhies Launey, Football 1912, brother;
Aloysius Launey, Tennis 1913, brother.

Don Blair, Football 1969-72, brother;
Wayne Blair, Football 1970-72, brother;
Mark A. Lamere, Football 1997,1998, 2000, Don's son-in-law. 

Curley Daniel Willis, Football 1927-29 and Baseball 1928-30, father;
Karen Willis Bernard, L'Acadien 1961-63 and University Staff 1968-90 & 1996-2009, daughter.

Randy Price, Basketball M 1955-59, brother;
Charles Barry "Mac" Price, Basketball M 1958-59 & 1963-65, brother.

Don Church, Basketball M 1957-59, brother;
Dean Church, Basketball M 1960-1965, brother.

Anges Mavis Angelle Finley, Red Jackets 1938-41, one of original members, mother;
Cynthia Finley Nolan, Sweethearts Dance Team 1962-65, daughter;
Kent Finley, Football 1964-67, son.

Bert Resweber, Football 1960-64, huband;
Mary "Sue" Hazelrigg Resweber, Cheerleaders 1962-64, Homecoming Court 1962, wife.

G.A. Rodrigue, Football 1971-75, husband;
Diane Lynn Craig Rodrigue, Dance Team 1972-74, Homecoming Queen 1974, wife.

Larry Mitchell, Football 1966-69, brother;
Terry Mitchell, Football 1966-69, brother.

Joseph "Chip" Sanches, Baseball 1970-72, Manager 1970 & 71, brother;
David Sanches, Baseball 1970-73, brother;
Jeff Sanches, Baseball 1975-78, brother.

Willie Baronet, Baseball 1956-59, father;
Marc Baronet, Baseball 1970-83, son.

Steve Poirrier, Football, 1964-68, husband;
Dr. Gail Parker Poirrier, Sweethearts, 1966 & 1967, wife. 

James McMillin, Football 1968-71 & Tennis 1972, husband;
Judy Bryce McMillin, Homecoming Court 1973, wife;

Bill Bryan, Men's Tennis, 1977-80, brother;
Vaughn Bryan, Men's Tennis, 1981-84, brother;
Boyd Bryan, Men's Tennis, 1982-84, brother.