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Dr. Edmond A. Dugas
Nickname: Ed



Research Coordinator, Athletic Network
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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A member of the 1958 Evergreen High School graduation class, the last graduating class of that high school, Ed has always maintained close ties with his home town. Band, Athletics, and Agriculture were interests while in school, along with activities at Little Flower Catholic Church.

Married to Marilyn Bordelon and parents of five children, Donna, Paul, Lesley, John, Lauralee, all UL graduates, the couple has resided in Carencro since 1973. We are grandparents of eleven grandchildren, Chloe, Courtney, Nicolette, Emily, Christian, Caroline, William, Paulina, Jack, Jessie, Josie and two grandchildren, Hudson and Mila (Courtney's children).

A B.S. degree in Health and Physical Education and Social Studies in August, 1962 and a M. Ed. degree in Education Administration/Health and Physical Education, August,1963, were earned, both from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. In the Summer,1970, my doctorate was awarded from Louisiana State University in Physical Education and Education Administration/Supervision.

Ed taught/coached at Welsh and Port Allen High Schools prior to returning to USL in August,1967 as an instructor in Health and Physical Education and served on the faculty from 1967 until 2001 in a variety of positions and ranks.

Administratively, he served in the following positions at USL:
Coordinator, Men's Physical Education; Coordinator, Graduate Studies for the College of Education; Head, Department of Health and Physical Education; and Director of Student Teaching.

He was blessed with outstanding teachers at both universities and at USL rose through the ranks from Instructor to Professor and shortly after retirement was named "Professor Emeritus."

I always felt an obligation to learn all that was available from involvement in professional organizations and some of those are identified below.

Ed served as President of the Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance in 1974-75 and was the initial Executive Director from 1982-90.

Ed was always involved in community activities and served as President of Lafayette Heart Association and Chairman of the Board of the Louisiana AHA, 1992-94. He chaired the Heart Walk at the university for several years.

Ed served as President of the Carencro Middle School PTC and President (two terms) of the Carencro Catholic School Board.

Ed served on the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under four different governors.

In 1988, Ed was one of three graduates selected as "Outstanding Graduates" from the USL College of Education in their 25th year after their graduation date.

In 1996, I was honored to carry the Olympic Torch (Main Street, Opelousas and Court House Program) as it made its way through Acadiana and on to Atlanta. Additionally, I was selected to present a longitudinal badminton study at the pre-Olympics conference in Atlanta.

Ed chaired the first Honoree Committee for the Top 28 State High School Boy's Basketball Tournament from 1997-2002 and recognized such basketball greats as Andrew Toney, Beryl Shipley, Dean Church, Bob Pettit, Joe Dean, Dale Brown, Robert Parish, and others, totaling almost 100.

Ed chaired the College of Education Academic Showcase in 1998 and produced a CD of those activities, as well as the history of the university and the college. He served as the first president of the College of Education Alumni Chapter.

In 1972 and 1978 Ed published histories of the Department of Health and Physical Education to commerate "Tout Ensemble", a homecoming for graduates of the program.

In May, 2001 Ed retired from the university to devote more time to special interests. I had served five years as teacher and coach at the elementary-secondary levels, and at the university level thirty-four years for a total of 39 years in public education.

My first retirement project was to coordinate the Coach Beryl Shipley Basketball Reunion in November, 2001, which created two endowed scholarships for university students with special needs. One may visit www.athleticnetwork.net, click on the Photo Gallery, Basketball (M), Tribute to Coach Beryl Shipley, 2001 Shipley Reunion to view pictures and video of the event.

2002 - current - as a retired volunteer, with the help of John Dugas and Liz Landry (and a large team of volunteers) we designed and implemented the Athletic Network, a website data-base for former/current athletes and support groups at the university, whose mission is to identify, locate, and communicate with the above groups.

At the end of August, 2012 over 12,000 pictures and over 8,000 profiles had been posted on the site, which serves as a communications network and posts news 24/7.

In May, 2008 I chaired the Evergreen Reunion and, with the help of cousin Dale Descant, designed www.EvergreenLa.org which became operational on July 17, 2008.
Email address: Ed@EvergreenLa.org

I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and I have had generous doses of divine intervention throughout my life. I am fortunate enough to be able to revisit some of my childhood activities on our small farm. It is located on the Vermilion Bayou, a few miles from our country home in Carencro and is quite interesting. However, the garden, fruit orchard, and cattle are so much a part of my up-bringing that I cannot imagine life without them.

My blessings are extended to the two websites where I am able to communicate with friends and relatives from Evergreen on www.EvergreenLa.org and with college friends, as well as former students on www.AthleticNetwork.net

Many cooperative activities are enjoyed and I have been blessed with life-long teammates. Life is good.

* * * * * * Emeritus Professor Letter
August 1, 2001

TO: Dr. Ray Authement

THROUGH: Dr. Steve Landry
Academic Vice President

FROM: Dr. Gerald Carlson, Acting Dean
College of Education

RE: Professor Emeritus for Dr. Ed Dugas
August 1, 2001

On behalf of the College of Education, we recommend Dr. Ed Dugas for Professor Emeritus in the College of Education. Dr. Dugas meets the criteria for Professor Emeritus above and beyond
the guidelines outlined in the university's policy for Emeritus titles. Dr. Dugas served as a fulltime
faculty member in the Department of Physicai Education (Kinesiology) for thirty-four years,from 1967-2001. Throughout his years as a full-time faculty member, he engaged in outstanding and meritorious teaching, scholarship, and university service; and received numerous honors and
awards. He served as Department Head in Physical Education, Director of Graduate Studies in
the College of Education, and Interim Dlrector of Student Teaching in the College of Education.
Dr. Dugas' scholarly and professional accomplishments include over 50 publications, 70 presentations, substantial professional organization contributions, continued professional growth, and several honors and awards. His record of consistent national, regional, and state publications
and presentations chronicles his significant contributions to program and administrative development in Physical Education. Through his scholarship, he has influenced decisions about Physical Education programs for undergraduate and graduate education, school systems, state
programs, and Physical Education administration.
In teaching, Dr. Dugas was a teacher-mentor. For both his undergraduate and graduate courses, his teaching was influenced by two propelling principles. One, he believed that it was necessary to challenge students to reach the farthest limits of their capabilities if they (the students) were to become expert, knowledgeable, and committed professionals. Two, he believed in the reciprocal interaction of student-instructor responsibility. In other words, Dr. Dugas expected his students to assume 100% responsibility for their/growth and development; at the same time, he demanded of himself 100% responsibility to his students' learning and development. Throughout his entire teaching career, Dr. Dugas employed various creative methodologies and approaches in the teaching-learning process, not only for the benefit of his university students, but also for the benefit of the children whom they would eventually educate. The best testament to Dr. Dugas' devotion and commitment to his students his teacher-mentor is the large number of his former
students who remain in frequent contact with him and those who seek him out continually years after they have graduated; some former students send to him their own college-age children.
Dr. Dugas has made substantial contributibns to his profession at the state, regional, and national
levels. From 1982-1990, he served as Executive Director of the Louisiana Association of Health,
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance~(LAHPERD), which is the state affiliate of the prestigious and premier national organization for university professors of Kinesiology--the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD).
Through his writings during his years as Executive Director and as President (1974-75) of LAHPERD, he left a legacy of leadership.He served as state fitness coordinator and in several
other official capacities for AAHPERD. In addition, he has served as a board member and held key offiee positions for several organizations and commissions at the state, regional, and national levels.
Dr. Dugas' contributions to the university and the commnunity are too numerous to list. Through
the years, he has generated sizable revenue for the university and promoted its name and reputation beyond Acadiana and Louisiana. Among his many service contributions are the establishment and development of the ColIege of Education Academic Showcase in honor of the
university's centennial celebration, the College of Education Alumni Chapter, the TOP 28
Basketball Tournament, and the American Heart Association Annual Heart Walk. Having been selected by the Olympic Committee and United Way as one of 25 "Community Heroes" in
Acadiana and 157 in Louisiana, he was thb 1996 Olympic Torchbearer. In 1988, Dr. Dugas was instrumental in bringing to the university and Acadiana world-renowned tennis player and 1975
Wimbleton Champion, Arthur Ashe.

Dr. Dugas' vigorous development of the College of Education Centennial Academic Showcase resulted in a published CD entitled, College of Education Centennial DISC: 1900-1999. The CD contains a chronicle of the history of the Collegeof Education (COE) from its beginning to its
centennial year-1999; and the Book of Letters, which is a collection of letters from COE graduates, current students, and former and current faculty. The letters present a written history of the College according to the people who define it from diverse perspectives and at different
historical periods. Although the Book ofJLetters is pubiished electronically, it is preserved for all time in paper form in the University archives.

Through his untiring dedication, commitment, and service to his profession, the university, and
the community, Dr. Dugas has left a legacy for future generations not only at the university, but also throughout the community. With the exception of the four years between 1963-1967 when
he taught high school, Dr. Dugas has devoted his entire professional career to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Without questiont he embodies the meaning, significance, and strength of the University.

We believe strongly that Dr. Dugas has earned and deserves the Professor Emeritus title.

Approved, Ray Authement, President, August 17, 2001
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