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Mr. Robert B. Juul
Nickname: Rob

1009 Grey Lane
Covington, LA 70433

Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Robbie's Living Memorial was submitted on June 20, 2018 and posted that day by Dr. Ed Dugas.

Coach Russ Faulkinberry, my years, 1969-1972, Robbie Juul Sr

Starting a memorial letter for Coach Russ Faulkinberry... Wow, where do you start? I guess I would start at my first introduction. Immediately you know that the man you are in front of will have an impact on your life. He did.

My hope was that it would be for the next four years and fortunately for me it was, and I made it.

I will be forever grateful to Coach Faulkinberry and his staff for those years and the life lessons learned.

To this day I still recall and share memories from those years: the wins, the losses, the laughs and the tears, the butt chewings and yes, the pats on the back. Those were cherished and appreciated because they had to be earned.

As with respect, you had to earn it. Everyone started in the same place and you earned your way up from there.

You earned victory through hard work and dedication. You never ever quit. He reminded us that the other guys work as hard as you, but your commitment and desire to win is what would make the difference.

He fielded teams of winners. Not all who came made it through, but the ones who did were better for it.

He taught me about “freshman fear”. That’s the fear experienced when, as a freshman, you are called over to his coaching tower at practice and stand there at the foot of the tower hoping his message would be delivered without coach having to come down to field level.

As one of my first lessons, he personally taught me to cover of a fumble in practice like it was game day. To this day whenever something hits the floor near me, I will still mumble “fumble”, with an urge to lay out on the floor and cover it.

He was thorough and taught me that lesson well. He taught us to overcome adversity and to get off the ground and get ready for the next play. He taught us there was a difference between being hurt and hurting.

He taught us that winning starts in the heart and not in your size or speed. Although that does seem to help. As my good teammate Leslie Cross often states, “We were small, but we were slow”, and we were winners.

I have used what I learned in my time playing under Coach Russ Faulkinberry throughout my life and my career.
Thank you, Coach.
Football:  1969, 1970, 1971, 1972