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Mr. Larry Boullion



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Larry's Living Memorial for the Coach Russ Faulkinberry Tribute was submitted on 8/21/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Russ Faulkinberry’s Living Memorial, Larry Boullion – Student Manager 1959-63, Athletic Trainer 1967-70 (8/21/2017)

I was a football manager from 1959-1963 and from there went to Physical Therapy school in Houston, Texas.

Working as a football student manager I had the opportunity to meet and work under Coach Faulkinberry.

I went to work in New Iberia as a Physical Therapist for Lindsay Dumond, P.T, my uncle and former SLI football player. I worked for Lindsay for two years. I took a job in Lafayette at the Southwest Rehab Center until the summer of 1967.

How Coach Faulkinberry hired me in the summer of 1967:

Coach Faulkinberry gave me a call the summer of 1967 and TOLD me he wanted me to be the athletic trainer for the USL football team.

I told him I was not a trainer and that I was a physical therapist. He TOLD me that I had the skills to help people heal and I would be taught to be a trainer by Don Boyne.

He then set up a meeting with me at his home and upon arrival he invited me into the back yard and we sat under a small oak tree (the tree was so small that he took up all the shade and I ended up sitting in the sun).

He discussed me becoming the next athletic trainer for USL sports, taking the place of legendary Coach Dutch Reinhardt. He talked for about one hour in his mild mannered gruff voice as I obediently listened.

It was then my turn to answer him and I asked if I could have a week to make my decision. His answer was NO!

I made a quick decision and decided to take the job. This job turned out to be the best and most enjoyable three years of my life.

I also learned that the huge gruff individual (Coach Faulkinberry) had a soft spot in his heart.

Every Thursday we would get together for lunch and one of his favorite saying was the HAY WAS IN THE BARN....referring that the team was prepared. This was the time we discussed the various injuries of the players. I enjoyed spending time with him on those Thursdays.

On another occasion, when the team was eating a pre-game meal on the road, he called me over and showed me a $1000 bill and I said A TOUSAND DOLLAR BILL!!! He looked me and said ONCE A CAJUN ALWAYS A CAJUN! He corrected me and said thousand dollar bill.
Athletic Trainers:  1967, 1968, 1969, 1970
Managers:  1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963