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Mr. Lyn Rollins



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Lyn'd Living Memorial for the Yvette Girouard Tribute is followed by a brief biography of his professional affiliations. He submitted his LM for Yvette on May 26, 2017 and Dr. Ed Dugas posted it that day.

Lyn Rollins, PBP Broadcaster, SEC/ESPN Network, ESPN3, Cox Sports Television

Description easily floods the mind when pondering Yvette Girouard and her remarkable career -- pioneer, indefatigable, competitive, first class, loyal, good humor, consistent, passionate, gracious, kind, nurturing.

I could, of course, include her eye-popping college softball win total, conference championships, College World Series appearances, All-America players, halls of fame inductions, coaching tree and the like. That, though, would be easy, and it would be incomplete. The latter, you see, is the product of the former.

I know her unceasing love for the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, both as a student and coach.

She was unquestionably the correct person at the correct time to build from a spartan beginning one of the most dominant women's softball programs in the nation.

I also know her pride in what Ragin' Cajun softball has sustained and even exceeded since her departure.

Since I've been teamed with Yvette in the TV broadcasting booth, I've learned that she's extremely coachable, keen, adaptable and self-effacing.

I've also learned that in a business where off-camera zingers among the crew are common she can equally receive and deliver -- all with twinkling eyes and that wonderful Cajun spirit. In short, she's a blue-ribbon partner.

The corps of friends she has all over the country is amazing. Former classmates and players, coaches, fans, softball officials and even a few umpires (all named "Blue") are in constant contact. She needs a personal secretary to manage it ... but that wouldn't be Yvette.

By the way, did you know we've been mispronouncing her name all these years? The original French pronunciation (per her beloved late mother) was Zjir-Wah, or something close to that. I readily defer to those with first-hand knowledge of the beautiful French language.

At her retirement ceremony some years ago from LSU, I was asked to say a few words about her. It wasn't difficult.

She was always the same, treating people with dignity and patience whether her team had cruised to victory or lost on an extra-inning homer from the nine-hole hitter.

She coached with joy. She deeply cared about her players on the field and what they would make of themselves in their lives. And she craved the competition.

Every aspiring coach, no matter the sport, should be required as part of their preparation to complete an internship with her. The world of collegiate athletics would be a better place for it.

Yvette Girouard is the type of person I want for a neighbor. And she's the coach I would want to teach and guide a daughter.

* * * *

PBP Broadcaster, SEC/ESPN Network, ESPN3, Cox Sports Television
Posted May 26, 2017.
Friend Of Athletic Network (FAN):  2017

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