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Mr. Herbert Louis LeBlanc
Nickname: Ironhead

105 Mountainside Dr.
Lafayette,, LA. 70503

Lafayette, La 70508
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Herbie's Living Memorial for the Coach Bobby Banna Tribute is followed by information Herbie had submitted earlier. His LM to Coach Banna was submitted on 3/9/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas on that date.

Bobby Banna's Living Memorial, Herbie Leblanc - Baseball 1967-69 and Football 1964-68

In 1961 during my sophomore at Catholic NI, I was introduced to athletics and meet a group of men with INTENSITY.

Coach Banna was my position coach on offense and I was thrown into the lions mouth. It was like that for the next eight years.

Coach Banna was the impetus for me to sign with USL. I didn't think I could play, he did. He made me walk a focused line with his consistent prodding.

I always knew he was watching. Slacking was never allowed. He pushed me to get better. In my four years of football and three of baseball at USL as a starter, I was never allowed a "comfortable day at practice".

I will never forget one day at baseball practice when he put me through a drill of ground balls to first base that the worms in the grass took cover from.

Another time after leaving a typical practice, I went to my married student apartment to drink a beer and eat supper. There was a knock at the door and Coach said "no alcoholic beverages allowed in married student apartment" and proceeded to go to the refrigerator and took all my beer and left with a smile.

Later in life we were fishing together and I admitted to taking a day off in some of our practices. Expecting a laugh, I only got a "I know."

He remains a friend and tutor.

* * *

All Conference GSC football 1967
Member of S Club board
Married to Dale Delcambre LeBlanc a member of 1968 Homecoming court.
Baseball:  1967, 1968, 1969
Football:  1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Judice & Adley