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Ms. Patricia Ann Pourciau
Nickname: Pat

3116 Legend Drive
Meraux, LA 70075

St Bernard Parish Adult Education
3710 Paris Road
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Pat submitted Coach Girouard’s Living Memorial on Sept. 12, 2017 and it was posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day. Below her Living Memorial is a brief biography submitted Nov. 8, 2013.

I met Girouard (as I call her) in 1979 when my high school softball coach introduced us as they were good friends in college.

We didn’t have a softball team at USL when I entered in 1977 and we asked how do we get this done? Sherry Lebas was instrumental in helping us get started as a club sport and one of our PE instructors Sue Spears agreed to sponsor us.

We had a good year and enjoyed playing together and we got the go ahead that USL would begin a women’s SB team, but we needed a coach.

That is when Girouard, fellow teammate Donna Clark, and Ursula Quoyeser met to discuss the possibilities of “G” becoming our coach.

It took a lot of prompting someone that had a full time career already that she needed to take on one more thing.

We finally convinced Girouard to become the first ever USL women’s SB coach with no money to do much of anything.

It was wonderful that she was willing to do this for the love of the sport and the love of seeing young people grow and mature.

We had a team because of Girouard! In that first year we also had a losing season, but that would be history once and forever as under her tenure USL nor LSU would ever have a losing season again! What a STATEMENT!

Girouard was an awesome coach as she believed in hard work and discipline. She cared about each of us like we were her family (and we invited ourselves to many of her family events).

We loved her family as it became our extended family and her Mom sewed many a uniforms for us in that first year. Yes, have you ever seen a pitcher have a number of 55 – that’s because Girouard wanted us to have real uniforms but remember we didn't have money so they were reclaimed from the women’s basketball team! You wouldn’t have known that if it weren’t for the numbers!

I remember her big “red truck” and how well it served our team (it hauled a lot of dirt to our official field). I also remember asking her why do we have to run so much - it's only 240 feet from home plate all around - just run she would say and we did - for miles!!

After becoming a coach, I really understood the reasons for so many things I didn't quite understand - thanks, Girouard!

We were a very happy team/family. Those years were some of my best memories as a member of the USL Women’s Lady Cajuns Softball Team because of a great coach, mentor, and friend.

Girouard deserves all that a coach could ever want or wish for – her fantastic work ethics and desire to win was passed on to each of us that were lucky enough to call her Coach! I also remember how Girouard kept “US” all connected as we were all invited to reunions and she always had the teams reflect back to our humble beginnings aka "The Hill Family"! ;-)

Thanks for the wonderful memories Girouard and life lessons learned through your coaching/teaching and the game of softball! Love you bunches.......................


Pat Pourciau
St Bernard Adult Education, Director
Nunez Community College
3710 Paris Road Class J 13
Chalmette LA 70043
504.278.6316 Fax

* * * * *

Played on the original starting team for the Lady Cajuns. A club sport ignited the start of a wonderful program in 1980.

Participated on the first intercollegiate team at USL in 1981-82 under Yvette Girouard. I was honored to be part of this wonderful program.

I graduated in 1982 and began my teaching/coaching career. I was fortunate to win 2 state VB titles and was named to the Louisiana Volleyball Coaches Hall of Fame in 1995.

I received my master's in Educational Leadership in 1995 and became an Assistant Principal. In 1999, I served as a Principal until 2013. I now serve as the Director of an Adult Education Program in our parish. I am currently in my 32 year as an educator :-).

I am looking forward to the reunion with my teammates!

Submitted Nov. 8, 2013
Softball:  1980, 1981, 1982