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Ms. Sherry Marie LeBas
(Formerly Ms. Sherry Marie Richard)

418 Woodvale Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70503

Retired from Athletic Dept.
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Sherry's Living Memorial for the Yvette Girouard Tribute is following by a listing of her various duties and responsibilities at the university.
Her LM for Yvette was submitted on June 11, 2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Sherry R. LeBas – HPE Faculty 1973-80,
Athletic Administrator 1975-2012, Coach/Sponsor 1967-85 (W. Tennis, Volleyball, Cheerleaders, Sweethearts, Ragin’ Jazz)

I remember my first meeting with Yvette. I believe we were sitting in Ton’s, their family restaurant, where Yvette was helping out at the time. I was there to ask her if she would be interested in coaching our then “club” softball program.

Our “club” program was in its infancy started by Sue Spears, a USL HPE graduate assistant. Mind you, we had no budget, no facility to call home, no field to practice on, no equipment and no scholarships. The kids had to provide their own equipment.

Imagine my surprise when she said yes. And that was the beginning of an amazing journey. I am truly honored to have traveled with Yvette on this journey that saw so many firsts.

Here are just a few that bring back so many fond memories:
v First game played as a sanctioned AIAW(Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women)Sponsored Sport

v First game played as a sanctioned NCAA sponsored sport

v First post season appearance in the NIT tournament and the tough days leading up to it

v First conference title with so many more to follow

v First time we saw the site of the new home of the Lady Cajuns promised by Dr. Authement; we had to wear boots to avoid the cow pies; but he kept his promise

v First time getting ready for hosting our first game at our “temporary” field at the corner of Bertrand Drive across from the track. Thank goodness for paper cups and good backs.

v First time being selected as an NCAA softball regional site and the “best kept” secret is finally recognized as the outstanding program it was for so long. That was the first of many times hosting. Thanks Yvette for knowing we could do it.

v First trip to Women’s College World Series--- there are no words to describe watching the faces of our players as they walked into the stadium for the first time at Oklahoma City and how the Lady Cajuns along with their crazy fans became a fan favorite.

There are so many more firsts, too many to list. Through every first, Yvette was there leading and inspiring everyone to reach for their dreams believing that it “would” happen not “if” it would happen.

As an administrator, Yvette was the epitome of what an administrator hopes to find in a coach.

First and foremost, it is important to find a good person that cares about people. Just spend a few minutes with Yvette and you will understand what I’m talking about. She always had her paperwork in on time, stayed within budget (when we eventually had a budget) and held her players accountable both in the classroom and off the field.

If there was a function that needed staff to work or be present, Yvette was there. Her team was our “go to” team if we needed players to be in attendance for a function or needed help in assisting calling lines at a volleyball match or helping with an auction raising money for women’s athletics.

Whatever the event/need, Yvette made sure her athletes were there. It didn’t take long for our staff, coaches, fans and players to realize how fortunate “USL” was to have such a dedicated person on our staff.

Yvette was also a coaches’ coach. Other coaches within the department would seek out Yvette for insight to her success as a coach and the secrets to the success of her teams on the field and in the classroom.

The one thing that still to this day stays with me is her support for all the other teams in the department. If there was a team playing at home be it men’s or women’s, Yvette always managed to attend, showing her support for the team and their coach.

I promise you those coaches and players noticed. She became the “voice” of the coaches at our staff meetings. She wasn’t afraid to speak up for her program and all of the other sports. She was respected by all.

I could go on and on about the many things Yvette has done for softball in general and specifically for softball at UL, but that would take a life time.

Everyone already knows the impact she has and still has on the sport. So I would like to say of all the thousands of fond memories and experiences I have had on our journey, there is one I treasure the most.

It is a personal one…. And that is our friendship. Even though our paths do not cross very often these days I know that I can walk into a room and Yvette will be there to greet me as if it was just yesterday we worked together.

In those 19 years, we’ve shared the highest of highs in winning on a national stage and we have shared the darkest of moments when losing a loved one and player.

Acquaintances come and go but true friendship withstands the tests of what life throws at you.… true friendship last a life time.

Thank you Yvette for being so determined, so dedicated and for your never ending perseverance in getting the job done. But most of all, thank you for your friendship and a lifetime of treasured memories that I will always carry with me in my heart as I travel down my new path in the journey of life.

Take care my friend! May God hold you in the hollow of His hands.

* * * * *

HPER Faculty 1973-1980
Senior Woman's Administrator 1975-2012
Assoc. A.D. 2007-2012
Assistant Athletic Director 1975-2007
Head Volleyball Coach, 1980-85.
Head Tennis Coach, 1976-1977/ 1978-79
Member of Sweetheart Dance Team 1967-71
(choreographer/Sweethearts 1968-71)
Sponsor of Sweethearts 1971-1973
Sponsor of Cheerleaders 1975-
Sponsor of Ragin' Jazz 1984-1999
Sponsor of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (1996- present)
2003 Ragin' Cajun Spirit Award
2004 All-American Football Foundation-- Outstanding Assistant Athletic Director Award
2012 Dr. Ray Authement Award
2012 The Pioneer Award (Women Who Mean Business)
2017 Hall of Fame Inductee for Lifetime Achievement
1 Son, Robbie, and 2 Grandchildren, Carter & Taylor.

* * * * *
31 Women You Need to Know

March 25, 2006 - Sherry LeBas

Bio: In her third decade in charge of women's athletics at the University of Louisiana, Sherry LeBas has overseen growth from three sports to eight.
LeBas, who added the role of assistant athletic director in 1983, was head volleyball coach for seven seasons and also served as tennis coach before stepping down from coaching in 1985 to devote her full attention to administrative duties. The Opelousas native is in charge of game management for all sports, as well as her other duties as assistant athletic director. She is the sponsor for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. A 1971 graduate of UL in physical education and dance, LeBas received her master's degree in education in 1973. She was a member of the school's dance team and was its choreographer for five years.

In her words: "The most gratifying thing is to provide student-athletes with a good experience while they're part of our family, so that once they leave here, they come back and are proud to be a part of the Ragin' Cajuns. You wonder if you touch their lives. You hope you're molding them. It's nice when they come back and tell you it was a positive experience."

Sherry LeBas

Originally published March 25, 2006

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