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Mr. Rocke E. Roy

224 Meadow Lane
Lafayette, LA 70506

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Rocke's Living Memorial written for the 2001 Shipley Reunion is being used as his LM for the Shipley Tribute. Posted by Dr. Ed Dugas on Sept. 27, 2017.

Scouted football for Coach Faulinberry in 1964. Student Coach '65 & '66 seasons in basketball with Coach Shipley and served as a Scout in the '67-'69 seasons.

Married to Linda Kerin / 2 children
Raine Greene living in Birmingham, AL
Four children (Aryn, Gannon, Griffon and Gage)
Tara Williams, married to Ryan Williams, living in Redding, CA. Four children (AnnE, Ellie, Hunter and Lucylee)

My trip to becoming involved in the Shipley phenomenon was short in distance but long in experience. I was released from Coach Russ Faulkinberry's staff as a scout, crossed the hall to Coach Shipley's office and asked him to teach me basketball. He did; and a whole lot more.

Served as assistant on the freshman squad under Jimmy Dykes in '65 & '66.
Transfered to LSU due to USL's infamous "Degree Program", and served as a scout based in Baton Rouge. I scouted Southeastern so often that Coach Marler began inviting me to the post game socials at his home just across the quad from the arena.

Fondest memories are of the many road trips....when they were REAL ROAD TRIPS, and the post game festivities on the way home at Effie's in Alexandria.

Graduated LSU in '67 with a B.S.

'67 - '68 Served as Head Basketball Coach at Northside High in Lafayette
'68 - '95 Served in various capacities at Lafayette Motor Company
'95 - '96 Served as Executive Asst. to Public Service Comm., Kathleen Blanco
'96 - Director of Service, Hub City Ford in Lafayette, LA

The most valuable of all the many lessons I learned under Coach Shipley was recruitment and preparation; surround yourself with the best possible talent and then prepare to the point where losing was not an option. To paraphrase General Colin Powell....overwhelming force RELENTLESSLY applied.

I learned that you do not treat all people equally; you treat them fairly, but not neccessarily equal. That is why we have different names. I learned that you have to earn respect each and every day.

Coach Shipley is a large part of whatever success I enjoy today.

Coaches:  1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969