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Mr. Thomas John Gaspard
Nickname: TJ

1713 Bennington Drive
Carrollton, Tx. 75007

Hunt Oil Co.
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
The information below was submitted earlier by T.J. and will serve as his Living Memorial (LM) for the Beryl Shipley Tribute. Updated by Dr. Ed Dugas on Sept. 1, 2017.

I have been in the oil business for the last 35 years and have worked for Hunt Oil Company for the last 25. I now reside in Dallas, TX but I have been working in Lima, Peru for the last five years.
I have two children, Tom and Kristie and six grand kids.
I am like every other basketball player who played for Coach Shipley. I have fond memories of my days at USL. I was so very fortunate to play with some outstanding players like Jerry Flake, Elvin Ivory,Payton Townsend and Marvin Winkler. Also was able to make some friendships which I will never forget with guys like Steve Snyder,Jack Fleming, Bob Segura, Richard Tate, Ernie Lancon and many others. Of course, I stay in touch with my cajun buddies from Iowa,La.-Ken "Colo" Hebert, CJ Scheufens and Walter Gautreaux. CJ was elected Mayor of Iowa recently. Colo is working in Nigeria and Walter is still around Iowa. Ray Haney was also a Iowa product but i have heard that he recently passed away.
I will always be grateful to Coach Shipley for taking a chance on a 5ft 10in. 130 lb. small town boy. That changed my life as I would have never been able to get a college degree without that scholarship and therefore my life has been so much easier because of him taking a chance on me. He and Coach Cox were great leaders on and off the basketball court. However, my fondest memory of all my basketball years was a "try out" at the USL campus where Coach Shipley wanted to take a look at me and some other high school players. I was being guarded by a guy who kept telling me to shoot the ball and helped me through the workout and I did extremely well in the tryout and thus a scholarship. Little did I know until i came in September that the guy who helped me out was no other than Dean Church who was an All American. I have never forgotten Dean for that help.

Basketball- (M):  1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969

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