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Dr. Ken Bouillion



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Ken's Fond Memories of Coach Raymond Blanco were submitted on Feb. 11, 2021 and posted that day by Ed Dugas.

Tribute to Coach Raymond Blanco

How can I say something about one of the men who helped shaped my life?

I was 16 and he was 24 when he exploded in New Iberia as a head coach of a high school football team - the Catholic High Panthers.

He blew us away, challenged us, complained that we were passive and soft and taught us to win. He pushed us in every way possible to be better men and exposed us to the wider world. He helped us to rethink politics and the south. He brought in speakers to help us think about national political issues.

And, of course, there are the high school stories that I’ve always told.

Whenever I see a briefcase, I remember the mirror we were supposed to look in to be sure we were ready to play the game. I went to the back of the line and tried to keep from laughing.

After his first game, we were relegated to the dark side of the football field because the parents objected to the language of the coaches.

I remember when he talked to the Mothers and told them they made us too soft. We all knew about his talk, but my Mom never mentioned it.

And, there’s the time he gave me a D in American History when I thought I had earned an A. He knew my father would find out and he was hoping that he would fuss at me so I would become more assertive. Years later, I confronted him about it and, in true Coach fashion, he denied it. When I insisted that it was true, he eventually caved and said: “Well, it worked, didn’t it?”

Most important for me:

He continued to push me to be better and challenged me to be a more vocal leader than I was comfortable being.

I disappointed him when I refused football scholarships and chose to play baseball at USL. When, after three semesters as a math major, I became bored, Coach suggested that I transfer to his alma mater, St. Benedict’s College, in Atchison, Kansas. I went there and loved it. It opened a whole new world for me. Also, I met my wife of 53 years, Francie, there.

Raymond and Kathleen have been moral guides in our lives. The help they gave Francie and me to achieve our best continues to guide us. They have inspired so many people, including several of our family members, to stay in school.

We love and thank both for their help and guidance.

Ken Bouillion
CHS class of 1961

* * * * * *

Baseball:  1962

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