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Mr. Glenn Hebert



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Glenn's Living Memorial for the Bobby Banna Tribute was submitted on 4/4/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Bobby Banna's Living Memorial, Glenn “Goonie” Hebert – Baseball 1969, 1971-73

The first that I heard of Coach Banna was in my middle school years. During those years, I was on the sidelines for every Abbeville High football game.

At that time, the mid-sixties, there were bad feelings between Catholic High School of New Iberia and Abbeville High School football programs. It was more between the coaches rather than the players – why, I have no idea. By being on the sidelines, I remember the names Coach Banna and Coach Blanco being thrown around by our coaches.

After my final year in American Legion Baseball, Mr. Tigue Moore came to Abbeville and talked me into trying out for the USL baseball team. I asked him who the coach was and he said it was Coach Bobby Banna. He told me to meet with him, which I did.

Playing for Coach Banna was easy, for me, because when you played for Coach Scelfo at Abbeville High you could play for anyone. Coach Banna was tough, but fair.

Recently, a few of us got together and joked about the good old times. We laughed about the football drills we would do before the games while our opponents sat in the dugout and laughed at us.

What I found amazing about Coach Banna was that he found out every time I did something that I should not have been doing, which was pretty often. Whether it was bringing a snake into the dorm, to scare Dicky Haik, cutting up after losing a double header to Lamar University, or getting caught drinking for Mardi Gras, Coach Banna found out.

When Coach called you by your last name after practice, you knew you were in trouble. When warming up before practice and I heard, “Hebert, get over here,” I knew I was in trouble.

I really enjoyed playing for Coach Banna, it was an honor. I enjoyed visiting with him recently at Fezzo’s and look forward to seeing him again, very soon.
Baseball:  1972, 1973